Ningde 20 year old guy playing basketball after lung burst lung was compressed about 90%-660003

Ningde 20 year old guy playing basketball after lung burst lung was compressed about 90% southeast network (micro-blog) hearing (Ye Fuguo, Li Zhong) young man, but suddenly, lung burst"! This is how to return a responsibility? Recently, a 20 year old Shouning 1 meters 8 tall boy Lin Chao (a pseudonym) and friends to play basketball, play time is hard, suddenly feeling on the left chest pain, chest tightness, shortness of breath. Was sent to hospital after Fujian is suffering from spontaneous pneumothorax, usually said that the "bombing of the lung"! After playing basketball "lung burst" lung is compressed by 90% Lin Chao said, he sat on the side and rest for a while, but did not alleviate the symptoms, pain is intensified, and the emergence of breathing difficulties, friends immediately sent to a hospital of fujian. After admission, the hospital immediately arranged for Lin Chao to do a detailed examination, CT examination showed that the left lung was compressed about 90%, was diagnosed with spontaneous pneumothorax. Department of thoracic surgery, Zhuo Yiming deputy director of the physician immediately for the implementation of thoracic closed drainage, gas discharge, relieve symptoms. After elective given the minimally invasive resection of lung bullae, after treatment, has been recovered from Lin chao. "Lin Chao because after strenuous exercise, intrapulmonary pressure caused by sudden increase of bullae rupture, leading to the air in the lungs into the pleural cavity, the oppression of the normal lung tissue, breathing difficulties." Zhuo Yiming said, this folk known as "lung burst", medically known as spontaneous pneumothorax, the patient will appear extreme dyspnea, hypoxia, cyanosis, coma and even suffocation, such as emergency treatment, it may cause the death of the patient. The tall boy type easy lying gun in adolescents, male incidence accounted for the vast majority of. "This type of population, often accompanied by congenital hypoplasia of the lungs, in severe exercise, can lead to ‘lung burst’." Zhuo Yiming said, "bamboo thin type of man is more vulnerable to disease, because of the rapid growth of leptosome human lung, resulting in the apical hypoplasia and subpleural bullae, and tall apical conduction pressure is high, the apex of lung bullae rupture easily, some even turn to sleep stretch, will also lay the gun". "Of course, not every young person will have pneumothorax, not too nervous". Zhuo Yiming explained that the common cause of spontaneous pneumothorax in acute cough, strenuous exercise, heavy lifting, yawning, shouted loudly, K song, emotion. The main clinical manifestations were sudden chest pain, chest tightness, dyspnea, irritating cough and so on. With the best immediately to the regular hospital, through the image of chest X-ray, CT examination, judgment, degree of lung compression pneumothorax, no mediastinal emphysema, pleural effusion, and give timely treatment. The disease usually pay attention to timely medical treatment prevention is the key Yiming Zhuo said, pneumothorax can be divided into primary and secondary, primary occurs in a 20 year old young male, secondary spontaneous pneumothorax occurs in the elderly. The key to the treatment of pneumothorax lies in the timely treatment, discharge the air in the chest cavity, close the pleural cavity. Zhuo Yiming cautioned for pneumothorax or bullae of lung disease.相关的主题文章: