New York explosion failed to set off a wave of U.S. stock market focused on September the Federal Re

New York explosion stocks failed to set off waves of the market focus on September FOMC meeting before stocks cautious article / Kang Lu from New York this Monday, when people from all over the country rushed to New York to work, will find a subway station, on the road, police and police dogs more than usual, but from time to time to see wearing uniforms and wearing heavy weapons American soldiers. At the weekend, after New York and New Jersey occurred at the bomb blast, New York police force and the National Guard nearly 1000. As one of the global financial center, the explosion occurred in New York, but also let people worry for the first time, whether it will have an impact on the financial markets, and lead to greater damage. However, the public’s sense of insecurity has not been transmitted to financial markets. This Monday, the three major U.S. stock indexes opened, although the midday rally has narrowed, but still maintain close flat. The global market consulting group senior strategist Peter Kenny (Peter Kenny) on Monday to the Tencent Finance said, "lone wolf" attacks, and does not result in death results, "and did not cause much impact on investor psychology". Kenny also said that the Fed’s September meeting will be the focus of this week’s financial market. Isolated terrorist activities failed to shake the market in the morning to go to work by train in New York, suddenly everyone in the car’s cell phone rang, is the New York police wanted the information of the New York explosion suspects." Global large insurance company American International Group (AIG), managing director and chief economist Mo Hengyong (Henry Mo) on Monday, said an interview with Tencent finance. On September 19, 2016 at 8:30 in the morning, after the bombings in New York about 34 hours, the FBI issued a warrant for arrest of Ahmad Khan Rahami of New Jersey residents at the age of 28, and through the mobile phone push the way prompted the public. Mo Hengyong believes that the transparency of the case, the police did not result in mass casualties and homemade bombs in a way, let people have reason to believe that this is just an ‘isolated’ behavior, rather than part of a larger conspiracy. Compared with last year’s terrorist attacks in Paris, it seems that the explosion in New York, more personal behavior." Mo Hengyong said. In mid November last weekend, one of the European financial centers in Paris, France, a total of 5 explosions occurred, the 5 shot, more than a number of terrorist attacks, resulting in the death of 132 people, injured in the first place, and more than more than and 300 people were injured. Since Monday, U.S. stocks opened once. So far, New York and New Jersey, the explosion caused a total of 19 people were injured, the suspect is only locked for one person. Although this Saturday, New York’s governor has said nothing that happened in the deliberate explosion in New York, were regarded as "terrorist activities", but because the motive is unknown, not showing any political or religious purposes, so the weekend bombing did not as a "terrorist attack", there is not any international organization claimed responsibility for the explosion. The Federal Reserve on September before the interest rate is not reached a consensus this week to shake the market is the two day of the Federal Reserve interest rate meeting held on 20-21 September. Mo Hengyong Tencent Finance said that if the fed.相关的主题文章: