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Bao Xin energy 880 million white lily network   m Jiayuan pending – energy – original title: Bao Xin energy 880 million white lily network merger Jiayuan undetermined Bao Xin energy recently disclosed in the annual report in 2016, the company said, will be to build a large financial platform covering banking, securities, funds, investment, insurance, credit "Bao Xin foster, holding the financial industry cluster. The reporter noted that positioning Lily network has been from the "real marriage network pioneer" to "ecological marriage leaders", the ultimate goal of positioning is "home new ecological creation", then the company will have one billion users, the location and the size of the user, very fit new energy "gold control platform". Last night, Lily network chairman Tian Fanjiang in the WeChat circle of friends said: "welcome new energy to become the largest shareholder, together for the happiness industry charging." M not Jiayuan ending, Lily network "to find their first high branches": the listed company will transfer 221 million shares of new energy companies to 882 million yuan in cash, to become the largest shareholder of Lily network. Why the new energy power industry as the core of the main new energy will enter the "first marriage"? The acquisition of Lily network of 882 million yuan set by the suspension of merger integration Jiayuan following how to interpret? August 29th morning, new energy released the first equity acquisition announcement, said the company in 26, and Shanghai Hao Chun Investment Management Center (hereinafter referred to as "Shanghai Hao spring"), Societe Generale wealth Asset Management Limited (industrial wealth thriving No. 14 specific multi client specific asset management plan asset management, hereinafter referred to as the "industrial wealth of information management plan") signed the "on the lily net equity of the Limited by Share Ltd stock transfer agreement" and the "supplementary agreement". According to the agreement, new energy intends to 3.99 Yuan stock price, the transferee were planned 124 million shares and 96 million 770 thousand shares of Shanghai Hao tube spring and industrial wealth management. After the completion of the transaction, the company will hold about 258 million shares of Lily network, accounting for more than 26.42%, its largest shareholder. As of August 26th, new energy and Shanghai Hao spring to complete the initial delivery of 60 million 793 thousand shares traded. For the purpose of acquisition, new energy board said, as Chinese Lily network marriage service provider leader, with the growth of the space value; on the other hand, Lily network numerous online real name registration of users and active users, for the development of Internet financial industry company to provide support and market space. Evening, Lily network also issued a "acquisition report", "change of interest report", and further said that the future may provide new energy, the wedding for house purchase consumer financial services for Lily network online and offline customers. There are investment bankers said that from the current point of view, the transfer of ownership does not exclude the possibility of institutional motivation to seek out the exit. According to the data, Shanghai Hao spring and industrial wealth of information management plan were third, Lily network fourth shareholders, the general partner of Shanghai Hao spring for the Societe Generale wealth Asset Management Limited, the actual control of the human capital management plan industrial wealth fund management)相关的主题文章: