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The new breakthrough of VR technology, VR LETV create video interactive technology – Sohu technology now open the music as VR APP, a channel name attracting attention — interactive channels, users can interact in the video, and indeed experience down the traditional passive viewing is different, what the hell is this? What functions can be achieved? To this end, I consulted the relevant person. It is understood that the interactive function of music as the VR on the line, creating a VR video interactive precedent, by introducing the interaction concept, the user can freely choose the branch in the video story, watch the content they are interested in, let the eyes of one thousand individuals have one thousand Hamlet "can be. How is the VR video interaction achieved technically? If the video for dismantling, the traditional sense of the nature of the video is a two-dimensional image frame coherence, constrained by the planar constraints, can play a limited imagination; while the VR video provides a new possibility in perspective, through 360° 3D coordinates to precisely locate the exact location of any point can be determined. The video in space, which provides the theoretical foundation for the subsequent VR video interactive play. Embedded in a number of documents into the VR video, mapping to the corresponding location. Or in common parlance, select an object in 3D space, the object set as a clickable hyperlink (like website hyperlink), then click on the packing effect, can realize the corresponding action (such as jump to another video). LETV VR interactive channel inside the "big drag" metrosexual man Zhang Han studio, the user in the process of watching VR videos, encountered three doors, by setting different points on the door, open the door of the user to choose different, show different content. This is the simplest interaction scenario. So as long as the VR video configuration file, to determine the spatial coordinates, the size of the display area and high precision positioning, in theory any object can be set to point. In the communication to understand that the best point of the set is a symbolic object, convenient for users to choose, in addition, the same scene set more than one point to have enough distance to avoid the coincidence of points. VR video interaction on the production and watch what changes? The traditional video is playing and watching video, the user itself and is fragmented; and interactive video has completely changed the traditional passive viewing mode, the liberation of the imagination of the audience, the initiative to the audience, allowing viewers to explore the plot, to fit with the video depth, better quality perception. At the same time, the producer, screenwriter, interactive video also gives them a new tool, let them not restricted by space, play a powerful and unconstrained style creativity, no story, the story of controllable mode of operation. Based on any scene, in accordance with the choice of the plot is divided into AB drama, a score of two, two minutes, four minutes, eight points…… In theory, there is an infinite number of scenarios to choose from, different people to see a completely different outcome, A may be watching this video was found to be a comedy, and B read the discovery is a tragedy. Tree display in data structure.相关的主题文章: