Network transmission Sichuan Xuyong is the leopard experts it is the cat (Figure) –

Network transmission Sichuan Xuyong is the "leopard" experts: it is "the cat" (Figure) – Beijing new network in Luzhou in October 8, (Zou Liyang Su Zhongguo Zhang Li) recently, Sichuan Xuyong netizen "A happy Fox" in the online report said: "the mountains found wild leopard", then the message, by the local WeChat platform forward, causing the majority of hot friends, more villagers said: "the leopard is tough, since the mountains have to pay attention……". The reporter multi confirmation, October 8th, Xuyong County Forestry Bureau, given the authority of the identification results, the netizen said "leopard" by the experts: it is "the cat", generally do not take the initiative to attack, the villagers do not have to worry about. The video to the ocelot. The original photo by Zhong Xin, the evening of October 5th, Xuyong County Longfeng town is booming Yongzheng power station staff as usual attention to real-time video surveillance of the power station, at about 9, the picture suddenly appeared a suspected "leopard" animal, then, took out a mobile phone to take the Dragon monitoring picture, and the picture to the power plant work exchange group, we have to make a guess, netizen "A happy Fox" according to the pictures speculation that this animal was a "leopard", and the message to a local newspaper material WeChat platform. In October 6th, the reporter found that the message in the WeChat platform, then with the booming town government staff made contact, the local government staff Geng get in touch with the picture, and the picture sent to the Xuyong County Forestry Department, request to verify the identification. Xuyong County Forestry Bureau of wild animal protection station after receiving pictures were identified, and the picture to the Chengdu zoo, please experts authoritative identification. 8, by the experts, the leopard cat video captured pictures of the animal is "". Experts said: "the cat" is mainly nocturnal, if they do not take the initiative to invade it, it is not active. The video to the ocelot. It is understood by Zhong Xin, the cat cat, alias coins stone tiger, Asian feline animal, is the national animal protection two. Adult size relative to the small leopard cat, is a carnivorous animal. The cat from head to shoulder with four brown stripes (or spot), eyes inside up to the amount each have a white stripe. The ear is black, with an obvious white spot. The body back hair is brown or pale yellow brown, with irregular black spots. The chest and abdomen and limbs inside the white tail, back brown spots or half ring, the tail end is black or dark grey. Due to human hunting due to the sharp drop in the number of international, has put the cat in the world of rare animal. (end)相关的主题文章: