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Network media turn to change: recalling the long march of bloody romance – Ganzhou, August (Xinhua) 25 (Zhang Ni) mother sent to the front of the child, his wife sent her husband to the army…… 80 years ago, in order to achieve the victory of the revolution, countless Soviet people at the expense of small family, coming close to send to join the Red Army, and the cast of the revolutionary epic — the greatest in the history of mankind in the long march twenty-five thousand. A "wait for me to come back", with the determination of the ancestors of the victory of the revolution, but also when the lover to leave the house and helplessness. On the Long March, the hero Kangkaijiuyi feat, also have hidden the beautiful love. In 2016, the 80 anniversary of the victory of the long march coincides with Beijing (WeChat public number: cns2012) the reporter again set foot on this piece of land in Jiangxi, recalling the long journey of the romantic life". The Central Red Army memorial museum collection of old Xie Zhijian donated sandals. In new network reporter Zhang Ni photo [story] a pair of sandals of Memorial Museum is located in Jiangxi Yudu County, the Central Red Army, a showcase lying quietly in a pair of sandals out of the ordinary. Used to wear red and other kind of different, this pair of sandals is almost brand-new, making shoes material is not general but comfortable soft straw materials, jute, each shoe vamp also wore a beautiful hydrangea. However, appealing just fine weaving this pair of sandals, a love story and it behind. This pair of shoes is the owner of a old man named Xie Zhijian, he was participated in the long march of the Red Army soldiers. In October 1934, Xie Zhijian, a young man, was ordered by the Red Army to leave Yudu for the night. After hearing the news, his fiancee spring night rushing out of the show gave him a pair of sandals. The Yudu River Red Army ferry. In new network reporter Zhang Ni photo of Xie Zhijian, with a straw, reluctant to part left spring show. In the long road, Xie Zhijian are very miss spring show, spring to show his sandals, he only wore two times, one is Jinsha River, one is the Dadu River. According to the year old memories, the Dadu River. The situation is very critical, he almost died. But fortunately, Xie Zhijian did not sacrifice in the Long March, he survived. 50s, Xie Zhijian returned to his hometown in Yudu to find his fiancee spring show, this time he was informed that the spring show has been killed by the Kuomintang army…… The memorial staff learned that Xie Zhijian had such a pair of sandals, have been deeply moved, I hope he can donate the sandals to the memorial. The old man is not willing to start, but in the staff after pleading, he eventually donated this pair of shoes, but also personally for a pair of sandals tied on the ball. Now, Xie Zhijian, the old man has died, and this pair of sandals and his fiancee spring show between the moving story but never passed down. Old Chi Yuhua photo Beijing reporter Zhang Ni photo [70 years] love watch Chi Yuhua is a legend in Xingguo County of Jiangxi Province, the old man is a Soviet Red Army senior generals. Because it has always been.相关的主题文章: