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Net about car to where? The new deal to the car rental company suffered a net about the new rules "is crowning calamity car registration system can not be happy about the car? "Chinese Economic Weekly" reporter Chen Weishan sun Song Jie Beijing, Shanghai ice | reports cited the beginning celebration wine have not put down, poured cold water poured down. First in July 28th, the Ministry of transport and other seven ministries jointly issued the "Interim Measures for online booking taxi business service management" (hereinafter referred to as "Interim Measures"), which for the first time defined the network booking taxi, namely the legal status of network about cars. Compared to the introduction of the draft in October 2015, the Interim Measures contains a series of about the development of the network is more relaxed and favorable policies. According to this standard, the vast majority of the network is about to run the car can get legal status. However, the Interim Measures also made it clear that the country can be developed in accordance with the present Measures in accordance with the actual implementation of specific rules. Then on October 8th, the Beijing Shanghai Guangzhou Shenzhen four also released about the network about the management of the implementation of the service management rules (Draft) (hereinafter referred to as the implementation of the rules), began to seek advice from the community. Four places, especially the implementation of the Shanghai and Shenzhen management rules, the driver’s household registration, vehicle license, vehicle emissions and wheelbase developed a number of more stringent restrictive provisions. The Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission issued the implementing rules for example, which requires network about car driver for household registration in the city for the city, the vehicle license plate of the vehicle, and the 5 seat three car passenger car exhaust amount is not less than 2.0L or 1.8T, the vehicle wheelbase of not less than 2700 mm. Shanghai released the implementation details of the management of the driver’s household registration, vehicle wheelbase and other aspects of the provisions. According to these requirements, the vast majority of the two networks are running around the car will not be able to reach the standard. In a short span of 3 months, the "drops" have just experienced the excitement from death to life, and then followed by the experience of life from the death of despair. In fact, about the car from the date of birth will be accompanied by applause and controversy. In recent years, we have witnessed the emerging formats in a round of mergers and subsidy war, and was involved in the network, in addition to regulators about the car platform, and the traditional taxi company, passengers, and behind investors, car rental companies. "Internet plus the" travel "to think people are a little excitement in the market, not only concerns the investors’ desire and ambition, excitement and pressure network about cars and drivers, but also contains every person in the future travel convenient and safe mode. Beijing municipal government is limited to interpret why the "Beijing", "Beijing car" in October 8th, the Beijing Municipal Traffic Commission issued the "Beijing online booking taxi business service management regulations (Draft)", in which the net about car drivers of the household registration, the license plate of the vehicle, and the vehicle wheelbase and displacement were made more stringent the limit of controversial. Subsequently, the Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission issued an article, interpretation of the deepening of the reform of Beijing taxi industry to promote the healthy development of the implementation of the views of the three policy documents (draft). Why the provisions of the network about the driver and the car about the city for the city household registration, city vehicles? Beijing Transportation Committee: the main consideration of the following factors:.相关的主题文章: