Nearly 80% couriers national day did not stop in Nanjing, Suzhou Daily Express up-9c8947

Nearly 80% national courier didn’t take Nanjing Suzhou Daily Express up to the National Day holiday and working days express little brother is not much difference. 8, the reporter from the Alibaba’s rookie wrapped to big data show that during "eleven" platform nearly 80% courier still insist on work, some even express little brother kept a daily work intensity for more than 10 hours. Nanjing Province, the busy degree of the courier, ranking seventh in the country. There are more than 200 thousand couriers wrapped on the platform, according to its data show that during the national day of the total participation of single courier more than 150 thousand, accounting for the total number of registered courier nearly 80%. During the holiday, people online shopping and it did not reduce the enthusiasm, rookie wrapped week sent amount is lower than the average return amount of volatility is not, at the same time as some express little brother in vacation, left behind the courier actually increased the intensity of work. The rookie wrapped coverage of the 30 major national city, Shanghai has become one of the most busy city for the National Day holiday courier, followed by Beijing and Guangzhou, the three first-tier cities daily single volume and were not before. Nanjing daily average volume of seventh, Suzhou, China, eleventh. (Zhu Xiuxia)相关的主题文章: