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The correct way to travel National Day: AI to help you do the Raiders, cheap and considerate – Sohu of Shenzhen science and technology network (search window of the world vision of Lei Feng "Lei Feng" the number of public concern) small haven’t recovered from shortly before the Mid Autumn Festival is a circle of friends all kinds of holiday tour Shuabing mood, look once again to the National Day holiday. You are not the same as the small series, but also to worry about where to play this holiday? The Association (U.S. Travel) data show that only in domestic tourism, Americans spent $814 billion last year. In recent years, people are more and more used to spend a lot of time on the Internet to find Raiders, travel planning. They don’t just browse information on the PC site, but also use mobile phones to make plans. A large number of products, websites and travel agencies are providing travel services. Last year, Priceline gave a data, each person in the first six weeks of travel plans, the average reference to the 38 sites, including flights, accommodation information, etc.. This is an amazing, huge number. The Internet gives us too many choices. Ten years ago, people choose to travel home as long as the hotel on the line, now, and B, tents, youth apartments. More and more products, the advantage is that everyone can choose a very personalized travel plan, the downside is because too many choices to make an optimal decision is too difficult. Hafner, the chief executive of Kayak, a tourism product search site, says the way people plan to travel is changing, says Steve. Travelers do not need to use the view click type of Web site, but you can use a chat robot or voice assistant to help do travel raiders. Like Siri, people can now contact a travel agent directly through a similar voice assistant – artificial intelligence technology is helping us solve the problem of travel planning. Steve Hafner said: take Facebook chat tool Messenger for example, we have been working with Amazon’s Alexa services to achieve cooperation. For example, you can talk directly to Kayak and ask, ‘how is my flight to Denver? Or, "if my budget is $300, where can I go this weekend?"." Hafner will be the application of artificial intelligence technology as a major advance in the company, but he also acknowledged that it still needs to continue debugging. Travel is a perceptual activity, people’s choice is dynamic, and the optimal plan is also changing. It is difficult to find the best solution from the infinite choice, but the machine can. This is why in a long period of planning, the machine can be more efficient and better than people to solve the problem. But it is worrying that, according to a travel consultant website last year’s data, only 42% of the world’s smart phone users to make travel plans with a mobile phone, only about 11% injured相关的主题文章: