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MWC SONY Xperia C6 back – exposure [IT168] – Sohu digital information after the spread of SONY mobile will launch two new machines at the MWC conference, probably Xperia C6 and Xperia M6 Ultra, will end in facing the market. Now, after a well-known person broke the news on twitter @Onleaks disclosure renderings Xperia C6, foreign website Xperiablog and the first exposure to the back of the spy photos, not only confirmed that compared to the past is indeed in the camera position change, but also with the effect didn’t seem to have what is the difference. The spy exposure SONY Xperia C6 had previously disclosed that exposure of the spy photos, the message is used almost no frame design, and the front panel and the back with the same color, but no other details disclosed. And now, with the official release of the aircraft is approaching, foreign websites Xperiablog and the first exposure to the back of the spy photos, and does the same for the golden style, and even some metal body texture, as for the main camera and LED flash position, but also by the previous generation of central position change to the left. However, according to people familiar with SONY’s new machine in the disclosure of sources in micro-blog’s statement, previously broke the news on twitter @Onleaks exposure SONY Xperia C6 is "Zhaomaohuahu", that is to say with the official version will be different. But in any case, almost without borders this SONY Xperia C6 design will be the most eye-catching appearance in place. P10 processor equipped with some regret, there is currently no SONY Xperia C6 configuration and related specifications and other information was exposed. But after @upleaks broke the news that, the new SONY may codenamed "Ukelele", is equipped with MediaTek MT6755 processor, which is the Helio P10 processor. Its main feature is the use of the TSMC 28nm HPC+ process manufacturing, and integrated with a eight Cortex-A53 CPU core, the highest frequency and Mali-T860MP2 700MHz graphics chip with 2.0GHz. At the same time, in addition to supporting the whole Netcom function, the processor also supports LTE and Cat.6 dual carrier aggregation. In addition, also heard the opportunity is equipped with 5.5 inches 1080p touch screen, and equipped with Helio P10 processor that previously has been partially confirmed the foreign website Xperiablog. They allegedly had received anonymous sources broke the news, said SONY will have a model for the new machine F3125 to be launched, and will be equipped with MediaTek Helio P10 processor and Android 6 pre installed system. MWC officially released at present, have F5112 and F3116 two new machine won the telecommunications regulatory agency certification in Indonesia’s SONY, are considered.

MWC发布 索尼Xperia C6背面谍照曝光-搜狐数码  【IT168 资讯】此前传出索尼移动会在MWC大会上发布两款新机,有可能为Xperia C6和Xperia M6 Ultra,都将面向中端市场推出。而如今,在知名爆料人@Onleaks在推特上披露Xperia C6的效果图之后,国外网站Xperiablog又首次曝光了该机的背面真机谍照,不仅证实相比过去确实在摄像头位置上有所变化,而且也与效果图看起来没有什么差别。   背面谍照曝光   索尼Xperia C6此前曾经有过真机谍照曝光,当时所披露的消息是会采用近乎无边框设计,并且前面板与背面有着相同的配色,但没有其他更多细节更披露。而现在,随着该机正式发布的临近,国外网站Xperiablog又首次曝光了该机的背面真机谍照,并显示确实同样为金色款式,甚至还有些金属材质的机身的质感,至于主摄像头和LED闪光灯的位置,也由前代产品的中央位置变更到左边。   不过,根据熟悉索尼新机内情的消息人士在微博上披露的说法,此前爆料人@Onleaks在推特上曝光的索尼Xperia C6是“照猫画虎”之作,也就是说与官方版本还是会有所差异。但无论如何,近乎无边框设计将会这款索尼Xperia C6在外观上最吸引眼球的地方。   配备P10处理器   有些遗憾的是,目前暂时还没有索尼Xperia C6的相关配置和规格等信息被曝光。但此前爆料人@upleaks推测,这款索尼新机有可能代号为“Ukelele”,搭载的是联发科的MT6755处理器,也就是Helio P10处理器。其主要特色是采用了台积电新的28nm HPC+工艺制造,并整合有八个Cortex-A53 CPU核心,拥有2.0GHz的最高主频和Mali-T860MP2 700MHz图形芯片。同时除了支持全网通功能之外,该款处理器还支持LTE Cat.6和双载波聚合。   此外,还传闻该机会配备5.5英寸1080p触控屏,并且搭载Helio P10处理器说法此前也得到了国外网站Xperiablog的部分证实。据称他们此前收到过匿名人士的爆料,表示索尼将有一款型号为F3125的新机即将推出,并且将会搭载联发科Helio P10处理器和预装Android 6.0系统。   MWC正式发布   目前,索尼旗下已经有F5112和F3116两款新机在印尼获得了电信监管机构的认证,被认为是索尼在今年推出的首批新款智能手机的型号,但暂时还不清楚具体的身份。但按照消息人士在微博上的说法,索尼F3116和F5112有可能是索尼Xperia E6和索尼Xperia A6,而索尼F3125则是此次曝光的索尼Xperia C6。   不过,传闻将在MWC大会上推出的索尼新机Xperia M6 Ultra目前还没有型号被曝光。而在此前,索尼官方已经对外发出了邀请函,宣布将于2月22日举办发布会。而按照消息人士的说法,索尼在此次发布会上两款中端新机和一款智能穿戴设备,名称分别为索尼Xperia C6和M6 Ultra以及Smart Wear。相关的主题文章: