Music, as the more the more the sale of hardware loss or to the ecological cause unbearable

LETV hardware sold more losses: or to cause ecological heavy Li Ruina unbearable a lasted 5 months of careful planning, and finally in September 19th day into the direct sales of more than 4 billion 480 million yuan. Moreover, this number is still growing rapidly with the extension of time. As the music is quite proud of this, its chairman and CEO Jia Yueting also updated on the latest record in micro-blog. In addition, industry analysts on the music as the ability to make sure that the festival, and said the time to buy a member to send hardware marketing model can effectively improve product sales. However, the industry generally believe that the promotion is not a new business model, indicating the nature of the competition and the rules of the industry can not shake. All the time, LETV negative profit pricing, ecological subsidies hardware hardware business model suffering questioned, catfish effect industry to enter into the market at a low price caused by the same mixed attitude. Many respondents believe that the music as the hardware to sell more or less the fact that the loss of the ecological cause unbearable weight. In addition, due to the music to spread the hardware negative pricing concept, from the angle of psychology, will lead to the brand to the brand value of the subconscious consumer hardware, or even cause consumers to doubt whether the quality of clearance of the hardware. In this regard, music, as the head of the Ministry of public television on the China business reporter, said, as the super TV in addition to the first generation of products off the road, the subsequent models have reached the industry-leading level. And, as the music will have the ability to achieve this year’s super TV sales target of 6 million units, and strive to become the leading brand TV industry. Free hardware sales volume in September 19th, the second session of the "send members to buy Hardware fans Festival by the music as to create a blacklist. According to sales data as the official music constantly refresh the display, 0:15, LETV ecological super total sales reached 1 billion 360 million yuan, a member of the sales volume of 850 million yuan, super TV sales of over 302 thousand units, super mobile phone sales of over 204 thousand; 15:00, this set of data were updated to 2 billion 900 million yuan, 1 billion 670 million yuan, 576 thousand, 452 thousand; 24:00. Another set of data, reached 4 billion 480 million yuan, 2 billion 480 million yuan, 802 thousand, 1 million 3 thousand. In view of the optimistic growth of sales data, LETV decided to extend the 12 hours of time, and at noon on September 20th 12:00 drying out of wrap up: the whole ecological total sales of more than 4 billion 970 million yuan, a member of the total sales exceeded 2 billion 710 million yuan, super TV sales exceeded 866 thousand, super total mobile phone sales exceeded 1 million 178 thousand, the super TV sales last year, Tmall "double eleven" all TV brand sales sum, and last year "9· 19 fans Festival total sales of two super TV times. According to the music as a super TV pr department responsible person said, the music festival preparations lasted 5 months, from the first half of this year "4· 14" eco electricity supplier festival the end of that moment, it means that the second half of the "9· 19" business cycle is festival preparations for fans.相关的主题文章: