Mushi and ohaiyo left behind to rebuild the glory of Southeast Asia Division-incubus

Mushi and Ohaiyo left behind to the glory of the Southeast Division reconstruction won the fourth grade in the TI6 on the Fnaitc can not stop the transfer period of shock, it is now only Mushi and Ohaiyo Fnatic in two to veteran team. Recently, Fnatic announced three players DJ 343 Midone leaves, only Mushi and Ohaiyo as the cornerstone for marine, recombinant Fnatic. In the Ti6 international tournament ended, the official Fnatic ushered in a big shake, Midone DJ 343 and Mr. Dongguo wolf Mushi determination to leave micro-blog’s story had a wonderful rhythm, at least some indescribable story. Fnatic last year, after several twists and turns, although eye-catching performance in Southeast Asia, but in the world’s top players in the game exchange was slightly bleak. Frankfurt’s OG championship, was beaten no temper, small B God Black Canbei kick, ushered in the boy genius Midone. The couple performed very well in God with now is a good choice. After the Major Fnatic on the strength of filling, once favored is at the Ti International Invitational display skills to the full team. The final Ti6 in Seattle on the stage, the purohita Cai a good chess game, enemy in order to show weak state gradually, many teams will cut the horse, won the first four good results. Midone 343 DJ are mentioned thank teammates, I hope the former teammates good luck, blessing Fnatic. Existing members: Chai’Mushi’Yee FungKhoo’Ohaiyo’Chong Xin (source: GOSU)相关的主题文章: