More than 50 organizations went to the Democratic Progressive Party chokes Cai Yingwen presented the-winbook

More than 50 organizations went to the Democratic Progressive Party chokes Cai Yingwen presented the "scam". Original title: 2016 "autumn fight" will debut in labor group Cai Yingwen send scam "plaque Taiwan 2016" autumn fight "afternoon debut, Lao Tuan to Cai Yingwen" fraud group "board. (source: "autumn struggle: the left power" Facebook) Chinese Taiwan news network November 27th   according to Taiwan’s Central News Agency reports, the Taiwan nearly 50 labor groups mobilized by the 2016 "autumn fight" today (27) afternoon will debut in the Democratic Progressive Party, activities will be invited to include labour, education, social welfare and land eviction issues and other groups take turns speaking, and presented a "scam" plaque to the leaders of the Taiwan region Cai Yingwen. According to reports, this year’s autumn fight to the people to justice, poke fake transformation! The left – Flip up "as the theme, will be designated for gathering form, migrant workers and immigrants, forced relocation, land labor, gender, education and energy and food safety, working hours and overstrain and other issues, to examine the DPP authorities before the election promises and after the election as, and put forward the" autumn fight "version of the appeal. "Autumn fight: the left power" on Facebook (Facebook) Post said, "autumn fight" since 2009 again, and try to become a social movement in Taiwan gathering platform, let social activist groups to hear the sound of flip inequality structure. This represents a specific issue group will take turns on stage to speak, on many issues of concern groups like a raging fire, will also provide different from the mainstream point of view. In addition, in South Central Taiwan counties and the forced relocation of Pan ruling groups also made a special trip to Taipei to fight together, south of the forced relocation of victims will also let the northern people understand their unbelievable urgent situation. "Autumn fight: Leftist forces" pointed out that this year the "autumn fight" in addition to the issue of group gathering and preaching, invited labor groups to participate in social movements and music to show solidarity with the workers. Autumn fight will be used to "break" the ruling party’s words, to express the people’s "economic democracy", "class should be equal" appeal. (Taiwan, China Network Lining) responsible editor: Zhang Dong相关的主题文章: