More than 3000 schools in Hebei in the fall of the school emergency reconstruction

The fall semester near Hebei more than 3000 disaster emergency reconstruction – Beijing school teachers on the blackboard added after the disaster precautions Li Qian taken workers to ensure that disaster tight construction schedule school school Li Qian photo kindergarten classes changed color tables and chairs Li Qian photo Beijing, Shijiazhuang in August 25, (Li Qian) 24, from the fall semester and nearly a week’s time, Hebei province Pingshan County Wentang town mountain board teaching point campus hung that read "stick to post disaster reconstruction and upgrading combine to ensure school like new schools like banners, more than a dozen workers to work at the same time, will be cleared of silt ground with cement hardening. The new school teachers only four chairs with dishcloth after the flood just changed, the rear side of the classroom blackboard, also added on after the flood prevention of the epidemic of knowledge. The whole school from the inside to the outside of the classroom windows take on an altogether new aspect, to ten meters outside the village is in stark contrast to the flood receded traces still obvious: the river houses collapsed, rubble flood over the rubble, a bridge leading to the village was destroyed, the villagers can only walk on gravel and the bridge to travel. Pingshan County suffered two serious floods in July 19th, July 24th. In 135 affected schools, has completed the restoration of all 132, with the conditions of school. In addition, 3 school students in September 1st can be achieved in the vicinity of the placement of the school, the school is currently undergoing reinforcement and demolition reconstruction. Hebei province Pingshan County Wentang school principal Li Jun recalled, in July 18th the county two times continuously held a flood emergency meeting, the 19 day he and school teachers to observe the water the night guard in the school, found leaky classrooms, overnight withdrawal of books, teaching equipment, furniture and other materials, almost did not sleep a wink all night. After the rain receded, the playground appeared more than and 120 square meters of ground collapse. The drainage ditch 240 meters outside the school fence is clogged silt, silt up to 1.5 meters, if not promptly clean up, very worried about the school walls will collapse the silt." So the 58 staff in 20 collective dredging, because access to the school 300 meters away was more than a foot thick alluvial silt, sand and gravel, any vehicle not to school, the faculty can not walk barefoot rain dripping knee deep in mud, many teachers of the foot is scratched worn. It took nearly a week to clear more than 2 thousand M of silt. Li Jun said that since July 18th, more than a month’s time, the school has a teacher 24 hours a day on duty. Every day his heart is hanging, until the last few days, looking at a number of risk factors excluded, his heart was gradually falling stones. In Pingshan County Wentang school, Wentang town mountain board teaching point is not so lucky". Cui Zengliang, the headmaster of the school, said that the walls of the school collapsed and the mud and mud playground was destroyed. Today, the teaching points outside the building 1.5 meters high water mark is still clearly visible. Since the teaching point only pre-school and primary school grade one or two, Cui Zengliang is most worried about the child’s psychological endurance. Fortunately, the local government will be the school’s teaching facilities for all new, especially for pre-school children with a color table and chair and slide)相关的主题文章: