Moment And Moments – Part Ii-poper

Self-Improvement How do you embrace and resolve parts of yourself that cause dis.fort? The first step is recognizing that none of the Essence that is You is bad, good, or anything else other than just being. You are, and being You is enough validation. I am not talking about actions and/or responses to Experience. I am referring to the Essence that is You. Responses are not You. You are validated, just as You are. Begin by looking at the spectra (dimensions) of thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and knowledge that you have concluded is you. Deciding that some of these are bad and others are good is no different than looking at a spectrum of visible light and deciding that certain colors, or wavelengths, are displeasing, and others are pleasing. These distinctions add more parameters, or dimensions, to Experience. Further, dividing Experience up by making distinctions is an example of the dimensionalizing of Experience. This is the cause of .plications, .plexity, problems, and the need for solutions to them. The process can be.e addictive, leading to a repetitive spiral into ever-greater .plexity. By contrast, think about how it feels to regard all of the wavelengths as equally acceptable. Doing this is what will enable the embracing. The next step is the realization that not all of how you experience yourself is reflective or symbolic of Reality; some is reflective or symbolic of illusion. This illusion in Experience is whatever is incongruent with Reality. Limitlessness, which is also known as Infinity, is Reality. The realization of what is illusion and what is Reality is at the heart of discovering who you really are. Anything that is not Reality can be resolved into Reality. The practical means of ac.plishing the resolution of illusion into Reality is the reduction of the dimensionality of Experience. This process is what I call catiteration, and is done internally as you perceive and respond to Experience. This word, catiteration, is formed by adding the prefix cat-, meaning to break down or reduce, to the word iteration, meaning the repeating of a process. Practical catiteration, in the context of this writing, means the removal of distinguishing characteristics, or parameters, governing your perception of, and response to, Experience. Iteration is appropriate because the process through which you dimensionalize Experience is a repetitive process that you have learned and applied throughout your life. An example would be to look at an aspect of Experience that you have, in the past, decided was evil. To catiterate this, you would decide to allow Experience to be just as it is, without adding the value evil to that aspect of Experience, neither in perception nor in emotional response. If your response to evil was fear before you chose to do this practice, then afterwards, fear would no longer be your response. In fact, you would not perceive evil anymore, either. Most importantly, you may still decide not to do what in your past was iterated as evil, but you would have no internal emotional or intellectual ties. This is what catiteration, or decreasing the dimensionality of Experience, means. Why would you want to decrease the dimensionality of Experience? Isnt that dimensionality the richness of Experience? The multidimensionality is obscuring who you really are, which results in the proliferation of a seemingly endless parade of problems that require your time, energy, and attention to solve. While you are busy trying to solve problems, or worrying about them, you have little or no energy left for self-realization. The resolution of illusion into Reality, or catiteration, is extremely vital in Path Process for you because it is the only genuine solution to your problems. You will learn that it also provides sustenance for your Path Process via reclaimed energy (otherwise known as taking your energy back). This reclaimed energy is what was used, originally, to dimensionalize Experience in the first place. Another example of catiteration can be derived from the experience of driving to the office. Heavy traffic and drivers lacking presence of mind can make this trip quite stressful. To catiterate this, begin by recalling the thoughts and feelings associated with a calm, unobstructed drive down the same highway. Next, look at the thoughts and responses you have when a driver swerves in front of you and then slams on the brakes. This is all Experience, and if you must add qualifiers to it, such as unfair, inconsiderate and wrong, and/or emotions such as anger, rage, or frustration, you have added dimensional distinctions to make it so. Remove those distinctions as well as the positive distinctions youve associated with the calm, unobstructed drive, and you have catiterated both cases. Your mental and emotional response should then be the same in both instances by catiteration. Being in Moment is an ongoing practice, not something to master and then ignore. Today you will be closer to true Awareness in Moment than you were yesterday, and next week you will be even closer than you are today, and next year . . . The ultimate experience of being in Moment is focusing Awareness on Awareness itself, not just on the sensory, mental, or emotional responses you are experiencing in present time. The very essence of the spiritual Path is to realize and know who you really are. You must observe and Experience what transcends the beliefs, perceptions, and other illusions that are part of space/time Experience. What transcends space/time is your very Essence, that which is Aware and Experiencing this life you are living. In a deeper sense, being in Moment in present time still contains elements of illusion, which is defined as anything that is not congruent with who you really are and what all really is. So, the truest experience of being in Moment must be pure Awareness of Awareness itself. This state is the one that is most likely to be equated with a deep meditative state. It is an intense presence without thought or emotion, and a .plete sense of embracing and yet surrendering simultaneously. You are literally focused on You as Awya, with no dimensional distinctions. With practice, you can continue the exercise of being in Moment even while you are going about your daily activities. This is possible because your inner focus remains on You while you allow your in-physical limited self capabilities to engage in the space/time activity. You remain Aware of the space/time action, but you do not respond to it with dimensional iteration as in making value judgments or other distinctions. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: