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Mom: the pediatrician sleep cycle in convulsions – sleep – Sohu recently in the background often have received maternal parents in consultation about the baby sleep tic problems, most parents have said very worried, I have written an essay like this before, today we go out and share with everyone. Ask questions: Doctor Hello friends A more than 20 months, a baby boy, recently always slept with head, leg or arm tic, this is relatively rare in his 16 months before the occurrence of febrile seizures in recent months than before, seems to be frequent, what is epilepsy? Netizen B question: small shrimp mommy hello, baby is 10 months old, sleep or when there will be a burst of startle, sometimes even without any noise interference will occur, may I ask why this is, is harmful to the baby body? A convulsive phenomenon in startle sleep sleep cycle is likely to sleep startle, may also be benign sleep myoclonus, is non epileptic. The startle phenomenon is more common in sleep in infants. Sleep is a kind of benign startle conversion phenomenon in the process from a sober — sleep, usually appears in the first sleep, will also appear in the fast awakening, is a self limiting symptoms, do not need special treatment. The general cause is shallow sleep sleep starts when a part of the nerve cells in the cerebral cortex is inhibited, and some have not yet been fully inhibited, then inhibit some exciting information both inside and outside the body can interfere with the cerebral cortex, produce incontinence reflex, if the nerve reflex occurred in motor nerve, some large muscle contraction it will lead to non periodic strong muscle twitching, sleep is started. The sleep attack may startle only involve one or two limbs, may also be a part of the body involved, sometimes is bilateral, sometimes is unilateral (asymmetric) muscle twitching, most are temporary, generally lasts only a few seconds. Sleep starts can be spontaneous can also be induced by sensory stimulation. Caffeine, lack of sleep, excessive excitement, environmental change, strong external stimulation can induce sleep startle. Nervous system damage in children sleep startle occurrence frequency will be more high. In fact, sleep I don’t know that I have started "startle", of course, severe sleep will make people suddenly woke up and started to fall asleep difficult, even like convulsions like bite your tongue. If the children sleep to startle phenomenon seriously affect sleep, parents can try to sleep in a period of time, the startle reflex occurs, any part of the body hold, startle action often will stop. Sleep startle easily mistaken for epileptic myoclonus, the following 3 aspects can help us identify roughly: attack 1, only sleep starts during sleep, seizures in not only just to sleep or is about to wake up, but in the waking state will occur; 2, if the onset of sleep starts immediately wake up, start action will stop; 3, sleep EEG startle is normal. This paper is completed in 2015.相关的主题文章: