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Millet if launched 4 inches small screen phone? Would you please buy Texun technology – Sohu November 19th news: the first half of this year, Apple launched a small size iPhone SE, as the industry benchmark, some domestic manufacturers quickly follow suit, but the fact that the small size of the domestic market of intelligent mobile phone today is not very popular, people who love the larger screen products, well-known mobile phone brand millet launched a 6.44 inch products this year. However, recently, there is news that millet is about to launch a 4 inch small size phone. The Internet has released the spy, because there is no reference to compare actual volume of the machine, but the machine does not look from the picture, and should also support NFC payment function, may be integrated with millet wallet set function. The machine is also the front of the slender Home keys, I believe also supports positive fingerprint identification. This phone is known as millet Small, it is reported to be released together with millet 5S, but in fact there is No. Many people doubt the authenticity of this mobile phone, but last month in Beijing millet technology limited liability company official micro-blog @ millet company spokesman said in micro-blog launched a vote, the content is the survey of consumer love 4 inches millet mobile phone. This also allows many users to identify millet 4 inches mobile phone really exists, and will be released this year. As can be seen from the voting results, many consumers are still looking forward to millet 4 inches of products. But in today’s big screen smartphone popular, millet launched a small size of the product, really appropriate? (Editor: Dong Jingsheng)相关的主题文章: