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"Migrant workers on money" won the praise is not a normal phenomenon "on the original title: migrant workers get money not carrying so much praise of the author: Wu Longgui students Zhang in a bank near Xi’an Yan Cheung Road to see the scene that he moved: a migrant workers to take off their shoes at the entrance to the bank before, and then knelt down to ATM machine operation. Migrant workers say his shoes are too dirty, dirty ground, do not want to bring unnecessary trouble to the security. "Migrant workers in the bank to withdraw money on shoes that afraid of dirty floor", this is a portal to the news headlines. According to some users only see the title does not see the contents of the habit, will probably throw two can scarcely wait that a bank is diandaqike, two security is weak. But in this case, the two statements are not applicable, because "on money" is the brother of voluntary behavior of migrant workers. Can not be ignored in a detail is that before the big brother of migrant workers into the bank, the security has been persuaded: nothing is okay, you go in, I’ll drag again, but he refused. So things went to the warmth of the road. Witnesses Zhang felt this scene is very warm, migrant workers and bank security are good, are worthy of respect. More netizens read from self-esteem, parenting and social morality. For example, the value of other people’s work is also a noble quality, such as the body, although kneel down, but the personality of tall, such as respect for others is to respect themselves…… In a word, this is not only kneeling on the knees well, and kneeling out of the positive energy, kneeling out of the spirit, kneeling out of the fine quality. The reporter did not interview the migrant workers at the scene, witnesses from reporting, but this does not hinder our discussion on this matter by public opinion. For some special social phenomenon, it is not criticism or praise, which is one of the common diseases in the field of public opinion, especially in the fast food reading and the proliferation of views from the media era, the performance is more obvious. On this matter, there is certainly no shortage of moving elements, but still more sorrow and grief and sadness. Must admit, "his money" is not a normal phenomenon, just because of the "migrant workers" people, and with special meaning. Praise before, may wish to think about the following questions: if the migrant workers brother square square into a bank, stood and took the money is not better? Under the same scene, you or your relatives and friends, will not be because of the mud on the shoes and shoes into the public places such as banks? If the "on money" really some people say it is not so good, we should all learn? And before the migrant workers because of fear of dirty bus seats to sit, "his money" that is mainly due to a self positioning. In a relatively strange city, they instinctively have a sense of tension, and produce inferiority mentality, carefully, and even excessive humility. And this self positioning, but also with the reality of their living environment and daily life are inseparable. Although many in the city, "migrant workers" title has been replaced by the "new citizen", but the identity discrimination still exist more or less, some intuitive sense of disgust and rejection, others can only be cold and from Wei相关的主题文章: