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Metro Line 6 first "wear" the longest subway next month at the end of the opening of Metro Line 6 first "wear" the longest river subway opened by the end of next month hot news chutianjinbao [micro-blog] 2016-11-05 08:22 I want to share you may love hidden into the big picture of Chu station is expected to open by the end of this year the Metro Line 6, track laying has been completed, the subway train began to walk through the cold slip testing section, the next will start trial run. A train for the first time across the Han river run the whole 65 minutes "as long as it is part of the range of track laying well, with the test conditions, the train began on-line cold slip, the bearing capacity of the test track, and other equipment is complete." Wuhan Metro Group headquarters of the Ministry of construction vehicle manager Zhu Shengrui introduction, after the end of the cold experiment, the vehicle will enter the charged running phase. After line 6 train has been in Hankou and Hanyang started the segment test run, with the laying of the final finish, from the ZhongJiaCun Railway Station to the Hanzheng Street site, this section becomes train cold slip test run ending line, but also for the first time in the river cold slip. Cold running train running is not charged, 11:10 am, an engineering vehicle towed PARROT GREEN subway train slowly come. "Green parrot" into orbit, starting from the ZhongJiaCun Railway Station station, after Qintai wusheng Road station to Hanzheng Street station and complete the journey across the river. This is the first time in Wuhan with the A car across the Han river. Train running the whole process, from the Dongfeng station arrived at the lake park, according to an average of 31 kilometers an hour, takes about 65 minutes. The 36 column "green parrot" fully equipped for the opening of trial operation is expected by the end of the Wuhan Metro Group headquarters construction laying professional engineer Xiong Miao introduction, the river tunnel laying length unilateral about 1.7 kilometers, which is 970 meters for the ordinary ballast, conventional laying 710 meters; is a special damping road bed (steel spring floating slab track laying). In order to train traffic main shock roadbed settlements and buildings, reducing vibration and noise, vibration ballast laying in Hankou "from the shore, here is the construction of more intensive, train and building the smallest distance is only 5 meters. After the opening of the train running out of time, the ground is not feeling the shock." It is understood that the "spring bed" laying a difficult times higher than ordinary bed. It is understood that the subway line 6 is currently the longest line in the construction of the Wuhan subway, Zhuankou sports center to the Dongxihu gold and Silver Lake Park, a total length of 35.95 km, set up a station of 27. The line is the first one in Wuhan A line, with a total of 40 trains, has been to Han in the 36 column. Line 6 is expected to open at the end of the trial operation. (news trends & chutianjinbao reporter Zhang Jiqing) Metro Line 6 project is the Han River vehicle cold slippery, this is the first time after the completion of all the work of laying the river cold slide, is expected to open at the end. Now, to reveal several important time node on line 6 – next Monday (November 7th), conduct a thorough test. November 20th – December 12th, will be in accordance with the normal operating diagram, sports car test. Currently, the 6 line of the train in the 40 section, there are already driving the 36 section相关的主题文章: