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Automobiles The Mercury Milan is a recent entrant in the midsize sedan section. The car boasts stylish interior and exterior design along with sporty attributes and comes at an affordable price. Mercury is vying to attract the young segment of buyers who are attracted to something more prestigious than an average economy or family car. It is the corporate twin to Fords Fusion and has much in common with it like its architecture and safety technology. Continuing the tradition of its mechanical heritage, it provides nimble handling and roomy interiors which can comfortably seat five adults. It has a very upscale look to it. The Mercury Milan makes for a good alternate to the mainstream family car models because of its atypical features. It is also comparatively cheaper while offering a good ride. The Mercury Milan is a reliable, safe and comfortable car which is also very conveniently affordable. You can increase the efficiency of your car by installing a Mercury Milan cold air intake. A cold air intake is a device used to bring cold air into the cars internal combustion engine to increase its efficiency and improve its performance. The advantages of this are numerous. You will be amazed that a simple device can give this much benefit. It functions by transferring the cold air through a path which does not directly pass the main engine chamber which is hot. This cuts the chances of the air getting heated up. The cold air is desired as it is dense and therefore has a higher percent of oxygen. This is very beneficial as a high percent of oxygen means that the combustion of the fuel is more efficient. This saves precious fuel and leaves behind smaller amounts of residue. All this is very good for the healthy functioning of your engine. Therefore using a Mercury Milan cold air intake helps to increase performance, save fuel and money, all at the same time. This is always welcome. Besides being good for your car it also helps to be environmentally friendly. Saving fuel, cleaner combustion means less wastage therefore it is a win-win situation for all. To know more you can visit .ilovebodykits… About the Author: 相关的主题文章: