Megan Racing Coilovers And Tein

Business Megan racing coilovers only .e in 4 lines: the Acura Integra 1990 to 2000, the Honda Accord 1990 to 1997, the Megan racing coilovers for Honda Accord 1998 to 2002 and the Honda Civic or CRC X or Del Sol for 1988 to 2000. The Megan racing coilovers for the Acura Integra models of 1990 to 2000 are made of 6061 CNC machined aluminum sleeves with SAE 9254 steel coil springs. These offer a spring rate of 450 pounds per foot on the front and 350 pounds per foot on the rear. This model of Megan racing coilovers .e in red with a one year limited warranty and has all the instructions and hardware you will need for installation. This model of Megan racing coilovers reduce hop and helps with weight transfer during the time you speed up. There is an adjustable drop from zero to 3 inches, and reduces the actual fender gap that is .monly seen. The Honda Accord 1990 to 1997 model of Megan racing coilovers is constructed of the exact same materials as the above mentioned model. These also offer a zero to three inch drop on suspension and .e with a hard plastic cap to keep shock failure at bay. These can be found for about $110 a set. The Honda Accord 1998 to 2002 sets of Megan racing coilovers are great for street use and offer a higher spring rate which helps in turns and weight transfer. This is another model that offers the zero to three inch drop rate, but does not .e with the plastic caps. This model can be found for about $110 online. The Honda Civic model of these coilovers does .e with the plastic caps but does .e with a spring rate of 450 pounds per foot on the front and 350 pounds per foot on the rear. Tein coilovers are known for their excellent construction and their ac.panying Tein coilovers EDFC. EDFC is the electronic damping force controller, which makes the driver able to control the damping by a motor installed inside of the shock absorber while in the seat driving. There are 9 types of Tein coilovers: SS-p, Basic, Flex, HT, RS, RE, RA, CS and SS. The SS Tein coilovers .e with the shock absorbers, main springs, lower spring seats and seat locks as well as all ac.panying required hardware. The Tein coilovers CS type are made to use a hard rubber mount to dampen noise. These are able to be overhauled and use a mono-tube design. The RA Tein coilovers are made for racing or very experienced drivers. These are made for the World Rally Championship as well as endurance racing. The RE Tein coilovers are made so that ride height can be adjusted with the lower bracket. This is one of the only suspensions that can be changed for weather conditions. RS type uses the separate .pression and rebounds, so that any track can be met. HT and Flex both have ease of use stamped on them because they offer different grip levels and take into consideration the road surface. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: