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Media: network red when you want to work as a day when 10 hours of beauty spending – Sohu news JINGWAH times news network anchor is becoming one of the most popular choice for many freelancers. So, become a network anchor open fashion, the road of freedom of the workplace how they survive the status quo? The reporter learned yesterday, a broadcast platform for network anchor groups to investigate and publish a "network anchor survival status report", the report shows that more than 15 times the monthly live "network anchor" the average monthly income of 9975 yuan. Live the rise time, once said, "easy network anchor millionaire". However, a student who is engaged in the singing of the anchor sweet said, after 3 months of live, only to find that is not the case." The report has such a set of data: Monthly live more than 15 times the network anchor average monthly income of $9975, more than 22 times a month live network anchor, the monthly income of up to $30 thousand. A computer or even a mobile phone can be launched, seemingly zero cost investment, is one of the reasons students choose to engage in "network anchor", but the report shows that, in order to achieve better seeding effect, attract more fans, "network anchor" will carry on the purchase of equipment investment, the average cost of 7044 yuan, training charging 2105 January, arranged 2308 yuan, 6549 yuan, cosmetic plastic etc.. Data show that although the average daily live anchor only 2.6 hours a day, but the layout of the scene before the commissioning of the equipment and other preparatory work to spend at least 2.3 hours. The host is not artists, everything to personally operate, fans 0.8 hours of makeup, 2.2 hours of study, 2.4 hours a day, doing work at least 10 hours. Even watching TV and other leisure time is also seen as a way to charge the anchor. But in order to reduce the possibility of fans "change", the time expenditure is a must. Many practitioners feel the anchor is a lonely job, do not have a friend anchor".相关的主题文章: