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"The master is very magical, what will repair" (like Chinese? 1 – Finance – Tribute craftsman) Datong Shanxi Wenying lake, 20 km east, Daqin line of tired locomotive low whistle, file storage. The obscure corner of the repair workshop, a thin figure greets, nearer, through the cream into the temple, found his brows locked, do not disable the pencil (multimeter) check the line, write on the face full of doubt. His name is Han Xiqing (pictured above, the reporter Zhou Yajun photo), Taiyuan Railway Bureau is the electrical fitter in hudonglocomotive depot maintenance workshop Hu dong. Born in 1969, Han although only secondary education, is a master of technical research, in the past 4 years, his innovation has for the country to save money more than 33 million 390 thousand yuan. "90" repairman Shang Xujiao still remember the summer of 2013, the first time the apprentice, she pushed the door, but also a sweat work see figure. Little is whispered: "what is this person? Others go to the rest room air conditioner, how is he a person too busy sweating sweating?" At that time, Han Xiqing was racing solved air-conditioning control panel fault and 1 electric locomotive workshop, in order to reduce the noise, the summer without air conditioning room, he still closed window, sweating. East Lake maintenance workshop Party branch secretary Li Fu said: "the air conditioning control board is broken, the cab is winter icehouse, summer is the oven, also have an impact on the service life of locomotive electronic components. For the new block, not too expensive, is the first 35 months, so too." But to independent research, no drawings, no information, how to do? Han Xiqing played a "stupid" Kung Fu, with a magnifying glass, multimeter, one by one to draw circuit diagrams. Don’t draw the A4 paper, the home of the big calendar painting; unit to do, is to take home to work overtime. "Han Xiqing just by sweat, check out the fault, the line connected. Original 28 thousand yuan maintenance costs, a decline of $2.8." Maintenance workshop director Liu Jinjun said, harmonious locomotive circuit board are sophisticated, casually a circuit board there are thousands of elements, at least tens of thousands of times to modify the initial formation of the circuit diagram, and then to one by one verification and testing, to find out the fault principle. Inspector Wanxiang said: "the main display of harmony type 2 electric locomotive, the replacement of a new, more than 100 thousand yuan, after the Han Xiqing key down, only need to spend three hundred or four hundred dollars to be able to fix it. More than and 50 monitor overhaul down, give the country nearly 6 million yuan." News spread, the staff gave him a thumbs up. But Han Xiqing laughed at, or dedicated key. Spare time, he still helps colleagues, neighbors repair a variety of home appliances. Shang Xujiao said: "the master is very magical, what will repair, headlights, flashlight, energy-saving lamps, electromagnetic oven, hair dryer can be nothing difficult for his people, and he had to repair, do not pick a live, two people do not pick." "Xi Qing electronics research group" studio stood two new file cabinet, cabinet placed a pile of certificate, professional electronic books. The lock cabinet is filled with all kinds of used equipment and air exhaust相关的主题文章: