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Music Mars Volta began with the .mercial success of seminal emo band At the Drive In. Creative differences and difficulties in adjusting to being a .mercial success lead At the Drive In founder Cedric Bixler-Zavala to join fellow band member Omar Rodriguez-Lopez in leaving the band. The two had previously collaborated on a dub and reggae side project, and that led them to form the Mars Volta in 2001. The remaining members of At the Drive In continued as Sparta. They soon released the EP Tremulant, followed by a body of work consisting of the albums De-Loused in the .atorium (2003), Frances the Mute (2005), Amputechture (2006), The Bedlam in Goliath (2008), and Octahedron (2009). Their early years were characterized by having to start over again as an unknown band playing little venues, chaotic and high-energy live performances, and lots of drug use. Mishaps and misfortune plagued the band after the release of Amputechture’s. Drummer Jon Theodore was let go and the band struggled to retain a stable replacement. The bands live performances were postponed by inexplicable equipment issues and Cedric’s suffering a strange and hobbling injury. Soon after a tech lost mental .posure and a flood disabled Omar’s studio. The band has seen a fluid cast of characters since 2001. The original drummer and bassist have both left the band, and by 2009 the band was on its 4th drummer and 5th bassist. Even Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist flea was in the band for a brief period of time. However, the band’s bedrock is the partnership between Omar Rodriguez-Lopez and Cedric Bixler-Zavala. It is sometimes said that these two really are the band. The songs are their .positions, and the rest of the band is there to perform them live. That would, however, be an understatement, as the band is well-known for their trademark engaging improvisational live shows. Crafting the Mars Volta sound that features influences of jazz fusion, Salsa, and punk is the duo Omar Rodriguez-Lopez and Cedric Bixler-Zavala, fellow founder Isaiah Ikey Owens on keyboards, as well Juan Alderete, Thomas Pridgen, Marcel Rodriguez-Lopez, Adriain Terrazas-Gonzailez, Paul Hinojos, and associate John Frusciante. Technically, Frusciante is a member of the band, but is a longtime collaborator in the studio. While it was Sparta that came fast out of the gates from the demise of At the Drive In, Mars Volta has steadily plied their own unique path to be.e one of the best bands in modern progressive rock. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: