Maoming cracked smashed car theft case series of suspects had been driving a collision police –

Maoming cracked the smashing windows theft suspects had series of police car collision – Sohu news Beijing Maoming in October 23,   (Liang Sheng Mao Xuan) Guangdong Maoming police informed that the evening of 23, the local police recently cracked a series of smashing windows theft case, arrested the suspect Yan Mouning, He Mouxian, Mou, Lee 4, the fugitive suspects Chen, Hemou hair hunt et al is being carried out. It is understood that the gang members have the record, with a high anti reconnaissance capability, each city and the escape route into the crime of vehicle crime will prepare a fake license plate, vehicle inspection marks, car accessories, seat cushion, the driver always ready to change clothes, to confuse the police line of sight, it is difficult to trace the trajectory of the vehicle. According to reports, the afternoon of June 21st, Maoming Gaozhou City Public Security Bureau police patrol to gempo mall, found a car driver in the car wearing masks, which indicate its parking suspicious appearance and movements, to accept the inventory. During the interrogation, the car suddenly accelerated start, resulting in damage, police patrol defense team was caused by leg fracture after escape. In June 24th, Maoming Dianbai district town wide Road Commercial Street East Wei River bank in front of a post smashing windows theft, car stolen more than 18 yuan. The ad hoc group, a comprehensive analysis of the judgments will be "6.21", "6.24" two case series and case investigation, the police analysis concluded that this could involve a clear division of labor, sophisticated professional gang. In September 1st, Gaozhou City, South Gate Street, No. 567 in the courtyard of another smashing car windows theft of 40 thousand yuan case. After nearly two months of massive video analysis, the panel found an important clue: a silver car Nissan had in the "6.21" "6.24" and two cases in the vicinity of the incident to stay over a period of time, it is possible for the crime of collusion of the vehicle. The police through data analysis of the vehicle involved car import path, finally find the Nissan car owners for the Guangxi industrial mouning Yan, and along the investigation of his fellow Mouxian Chen et al, where a major crime suspects. Subsequently, the police task force after Guangzhou, Qingyuan, Dongguan times, Yunfu, Guangxi and Yulin, industrial and other places to trace the traces of the suspects, eventually found the suspect Yan mouning often drove to the town of Guangxi County mountain industrial heart a auto repair factory maintenance. The morning of October 17th ad hoc group got the news, Chen suspects 3 people have once again came to the city of Maoming oil eight opportunistic crime. The police task force immediately organized the police rushed to the nearby city road eight agricultural bank ambush, Agricultural Bank parking lot found a black TOYOTA Camry car suspicious, the car who often use a telescope toward the direction of the bank to wait and see, and constantly in the bank around the circle, the police immediately organized the two car of the car were rounded up both before and after. Seeing the suspect cornered, completely ignoring the police and the surrounding people’s safety, increase the throttle open up and the police car parking lot out of road vehicles, high-speed reverse run, reaching a peak of 160 kilometers per hour. In order not to endanger the public safety, the group decided to continue in the Guangxi industrial their Laochao arrest. 17 evening, police found the same day the police arrested the collision car.相关的主题文章: