Mage The Magic Of Illusion Mage – Learn How To 3d

Software The magic of Illusion Mage a 3d software application that has brought high quality graphics that is both high tech yet affordable. Throughout this article we will look at some of the features, the possibilities, some helpful tips and a few general things to be aware of before you mage the magic of this software. So lets get started and first discuss what it is about. Illusion Magic has had a small time on the internet market in .parison to other 3d software applications like 3DMax, Maya, Pixar. It is fair to say that while it may not hold the same reputation as these applications, or well known by animators around the world; it is still worth considering it a rival to these products. The developer Seth Avery took the world by storm and his team has delivered an easy to use product. Many people have mage the magic with a large amount of positive reviews written about the software. The testimonials from such consumers are available to view on the website; a lot of them had praise for the large amount of help features available. The video tutorials allow the user to be shown step by step how to use the cool features such as rendering, modeling, drawing 3d graphics or learning how to do meshing. Such features are a critical part of animation and it is extremely important to have good help especially if you are new to animation. Your .puter .petency level is no barrier to success with this application and if you are an animation enthusiast whether you love producing games, developing cartoons, designing 3d graphics, creating marketing advertisements the choice is yours and the only limitation that can hold you back is your imagination, so create some magic and you will be very satisfied. If you have considered buying the software it is re.mended that you have the following .puter specs for perfect performance. At least 2 GB Ram DDR 2 or higher A 3D card not older than 3 years A good processor External drive for back ups Anti Virus I personally re.mended the paid version of AVG Windows XP or later The magic of Illusion Mage will still work correctly if you are missing one or more of the above specs; this is just a guide for people who want the application to work whilst being able to operate a variety of other applications. When operating 3D animation software as Illusion Magic the possibilities of what you can produce are endless. Creating cartoons is one of the easiest creations to produce, no more need to use windows movie maker. Using 3d graphics who could re-create animations such as Shrek or maybe one of your Walt Disney favourites but using 3D not 2D. Avoid using 2D applications, they are very time consuming due to having to correct images with each scene. With 3D animation you have a virtual skeleton concept at your disposal allowing your image or object to remain the same volume, look, movement capabilities throughout each scene. When trying to master this magic of this application a few tips to remember is use the help features available to you. Animation can not be as straightforward and it will save you time later trying to find out help. Also have fun experimenting at first to get a feel and grasp for the software, maybe start of with a cartoon or a small movie. This will give you a good understanding of how the movement controls work, how each control panel works and the basics of animation. As with everything in life there is always a downside, in this case being the download time. Downloading Illusion Mage can take a while, due to its large volume of contents and applications. To help speed this process up close of any un-needed web browser windows, MSN messenger and temporary stop any updates so you get maximum efficiency from your internet broadband service. However dont let this put you off enjoying an enjoyable and fulfilling animation experience. With this magic software you will feel like a high-tech animator while keeping it simple with a user friendly 3d software application. This software is a solid investment and it .es with regular updates so the technology will be forever young. Thank you for reading Mage the Magic of Illusion Mage. Written by Jason Stead About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: