Ma Dong has been exposed to the elder sister of the elder sister ten years old is the enlightenment-haywire

Ma Dong had to admit Jiedi woman ten years older is enlightenment Patty Hou talked about love insurance tears werewolf game of wits Ma Dong Patty Hou hosted the show Sina entertainment news September 25th, old driver Ma Dong and the hostess partner Patty Hou "temptations" dinner together. In the program Patty Hou talked about love embarrassing expression insurance tears is going on, Ma Dong exposes a young Duan Jiedi love, the more than and 10 year old woman older. Patty Hou talk about love "temptation" insurance tears dinner is a teacher to create works of ma. In addition to Ma Dong and Patty Hou two male and female masters, each program will go to star friends, etc. the variety Master dinner. The first guest is Kevin Tsai and Alyssa Chia. During the dinner, Patty Hou asked in a sister relationship had history of high EQ she stammered, almost tears. The trick is not Patty Hou, Ma Dong also has a hidden secret in love, Ma Dong admit that he is only 20 years old, she is more than and 10 years older than him, but also in some aspects of the enlightenment. Ma Dong blushed exclaimed: "say the pit, pit himself instead of others". In the first round of the temptation of rice in the link, the presence of the need to answer the question with a lie, you can not answer the dark food to eat. Kang was asked to relationship is not in my heart the most ideal movie actress, but tears ate a cake of exploding bugs. The second round is the teacher Ma carefully laid "board" werewolf game we play together the current hot, burning calories by IQ, acting with hidden secrets. For this "dishonest" program, Ma Dong said the teacher, the star of the EQ IQ is high, the most dangerous dinner chat gossip. Alyssa Chia Huihun Shiou? Kevin Tsai took the opportunity to make up the knife as a guest of the first phase of the program, but no less than Alyssa Chia pit. For example, in view of the fact that everyone should link Pinocchio lying principle, and a "you know what I say is a lie, I will show a loving heart." say "I very much regret to marry Shiou, he was rotten and inconsiderate" such words…… But don’t expect to be caught a relationship Kang explosion point, immediately propaganda clips must be cut into the master, "." When the second round of the werewolf killed hot staged, Alyssa Chia with the woman’s sixth sense to make a very magical judgment, directed at the hidden in the people of the werewolf. On the other side, also can contact the werewolf near Kang relationship immediately incarnation of the old driver, full of routine business level, to the veteran Yan Rujing, Xiao Xiao, play other roles to unapologetically, let Patty Hou, Alyssa Chia alexander. Master Yan Rujing in the debate and werewolf links in the embodiment of Formo crystal, reasoning more badly, "Ma teacher, I have to let you go" domineering! (when commissioning editor:)相关的主题文章: