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Out of Focus car Networking: some vague definition of investment like headless flies "out of focus" car Networking: some investment like "headless" while Gao Feichang is alive in the new investment projects, while cautious investors and practitioners, "car networking" in China rise for several years, is still in a "chaotic state". In October 17th, the listed company stock to resume its proposed Xingmin Zhitong, increase of 2 billion 165 million yuan to raise funds for the development of car networking and intelligent driving plan to reveal to the public at the beginning of September, car networking; cloud services company announced that Shenzhen science and technology glutenin received 50 million yuan A round of financing; earlier in May, the main industry for loading machine system and intelligent hardware pole beans car networking announced the acquisition of 53 million yuan A round of financing…… This news since this year frequently appear in newspapers, domestic car networking business one after another. In October 18th, flying magnesium matter chairman Wang Qiang told the Economic Observer newspaper reporter: "at present, the investment market of car networking viewpoint, relatively keen industry funds and listed companies to their professional institutional investors remained wait-and-see." Magnesium is an emerging car networking company, last year received 45 million yuan investment. Although the current investment in the car networking industry continues, but there have been some cracks between investors and industry". Every year is the first year of the car networking, industry analysts have commented that the car networking in the domestic development for several years has not really fire up. The Economic Observer reporter through access to information that the networking concept car from about 2009 onwards the rise in the country, which has experienced some obvious stages of development, from the early automobile launch vehicle system as the starting, to around 2012 the rise of "0BD (OBD On-BoardDiagnostic) box hot", and then to the current Internet giant such as apple, Google and BAT have been involved in the domestic, domestic form of traditional vehicle factory, parts company, communication companies and Internet Co melee car networking situation. However, the car networking has not yet appeared a clear direction of development, but more and more lost focus". Domestic car networking market is considered to be a level of about 300 billion yuan blue ocean market, is expected in 2015 there will be a total of about 60% of the world’s models of vehicle networking technology, to this ratio in 2020 to further enhance the level of up to 90%. However, compared with the other projects in the automotive market as a whole, compared to the meaning and concept of the car networking has been blurred. In the general explanation, car networking, including the car and the Internet, the car and the Internet, as well as the interconnection of the vehicle and the road, but the general consumer has a car networking is to connect the phone and the car, the cognitive. But with the car wash, car, electricity providers and other entrepreneurial projects had a large number of failures occur instead, B oriented end car networking startups rarely collapse situation, but this does not mean that all companies can survive. Investment and wait and see the car networking business unrest has not stopped. According to incomplete statistics, since 2016 appear in public reports, there are about 1 billion yuan of new investment into the car networking on line相关的主题文章: