Listen to the old Red Army to tell the past story of tragic years endless March – Military –

Listen to the old Red Army to tell the past story: tragic years   endless March – Military – Long March, just 25000 miles away, is more than two years of journey, it is a group of warriors to assume the historical responsibility of future Chinese! 80 years ago, the history of the long march is a military history that shocked the world. A long way, leaving countless soldiers’ lives, but also to the Red Army soldiers soul left the most indelible imprint. Now, they will give us a road. Listen to the old red army tells us, who are desolate and the creeper covered the years, who will forever live in the long road of the revolution, is China across the map down to the depths of the history of the The imprint is engraved on my heart. a. Long road in October 1934, the main force of the Red Army Red Army left the central revolutionary base to begin the Long March, the Red Army in October 1936 met the three major victory. Chinese workers and Peasants Red Army from Jiangxi to northern Shaanxi, which lasted two years, twenty-five thousand miles. The Red Army crossed the mountains party mountain (elevation 5470 meters), jahath mountain (5300 meters above sea level), Mira Hill (elevation 5020 meters), snowy mountains (average elevation of 5000 meters)…… Long before the journey, the revolution of the 170000 young people participated in the Red Army, which means that regardless of the average every fifteen in men and women, old and young, there is a man to join the army, and most of them have never to return home. The Eighth Army of the Chinese workers and Peasants Red Army, because of the loss of strength in the battle, it only exists in the sequence of the Red Army for more than and 80 days. According to statistics, the central base named strong Roth 108 thousand and 200. The Red Army is a young army. For example, twenty-five of the Red Army, most fighters at the age of 13 to 18 years of age under the age of 13, there are a lot of red devil. As with the Red Army commander of the red devil, some young, is a major feature of the team. On the Long March, the average age of about twenty eight year old cadre corps, division cadres only twenty-four years old. The legend of the long road is very difficult, there are many places to walk, few people tread, but everywhere Red Army battle sites. Although the enemy always heavily besieged, but never in an ambush in the encirclement of the Kuomintang army, always set in snatched from the jaws of death. Long march is an unprecedented strategic shift. During the Long March, the Red Army men and women created a miracle in the history of the world military and the history of human life with amazing courage and perseverance. The "red devil" now they are old Red Army Long March participants also witnesses the long march is their life forever cannot erase the stigma should know, should not forget the words, unheard of, be, do not end in the "Long March". "Endless long march" a total of 12 sets of 1 "red cradle" 2 "hero nameless" 3 "" 4 "outsmart the Jialing bridge cross the Dadu" over 6 "5" life and death "of" 7 "Youth Red Grass" 8 "female biography" 9 "" 10 "fire spread" 11 military songs "image pursuit)相关的主题文章: