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Marketing I talk a lot about articles and how they can drive traffic to your list building page. This is a very important idea. Driving traffic to your squeeze page is the most important thing you can do. Without traffic… NO subscribers. So, let’s talk a bit more about using articles to send traffic to your list building page. How can you make articles "search engine friendly"? Getting your page to the top of the search engine results pages increased your list building power exponentially. First, get a list of keywords together and keyword phrases. Got to Overture, use their search tool and check to see if there were many searches on your keywords for the previous month. Use any that have a search rate of 500 or more, but the higher, the better. For instance, if you search the term "list building," at Overture, you might get results like, "email list building, and opt-in list building." It may be hard to compete with some of the highest-ranked keywords, so you may want to concentrate on keywords that are less searched because there is less competition. So, let’s say you choose "opt-in mailing list," and want to use so that you can rank for both list building and "opt in mailing list." And let’s say you’re promoting an ebook about list building. OK, then, your title might say: "List Building Magic" or "Opt-In Mailing List Secrets." In the body of your article, you’ll tell people how to build their lists by reading this free ebook. Right? Use "opt-in list building" and maybe "free ebook" as many times as you can, without what’s called "keyword stuffing." You want to keep the flow of your article natural and you want to use the keywords early and often, especially in the title. Just be sure the article flows when you’ve finished it. Then, in your resource box, you’ll use your keyword phrases again, like this: Joe Smith is an affiliate manager and a list building ninja. Let him show you how to build a great opt-in mailing list at his website .listbuildingmagic… How do you know if the density is too high or too low? The guideline for the entire article, including the title and resource box is 2 to 5%. But how can you tell? You can find some keyword density analyzers online, where you can input text and they immediately tell you how high your density is. It’s simple! But if you want to count the number of keywords you used and divide by your toal word count, you’ll .e up with the density, too. If you find your density is too low, add keywords where you can without making the article sound funny. Or, edit out some of the text. If you find the density is too high, find ways to say "opt-in list building" in a different form, like plain "list building." It will be hard to find synonyms for that phrase, but you get my meaning. If your density is too high, get rid of some keywords or write more text. When you have your keyword density between 2 and 5%, you’re set. Check your spelling and upload your article to a directory. It will soon start driving traffic to your squeeze page and you’ll be list building in no time. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: