Light of this upstart! ASUS 3 mbp13-mia farrow

Light of this upstart! ASUS Ling Yao 3 contrast apple MBP13 ASUS Yao Yao after the launch of the series of notebooks will cause a lot of attention, it is thin, beautiful appearance and strong performance so that the competition in the field of light more intense. Today we are going to represent the 13 inch notebooks of apple MacBook Pro 13 as the benchmark and the spirit of ASUS Yao 3 compared to many aspects, what is the same place at two, and which one is more worth buying. Note: in the case of non special instructions, mentioned in this paper, MBP13 MacBook Pro 13 generation named words are 2015 models equipped with a 13 inches Retina screen apple MacBook Pro 13. Appearance: Ling Yao 3 more fashion, more light Ling Yao of the main body of the design of the continuation of the ZenBook series of product design language, A surface concentric circle design is very unique (except for the A surface are used matte process) 3. Located in the center of the top golden ASUS logo also have great originality. Ling Yao 3 rose gold, royal blue and quartz gray color of the three options. Apple’s design is that we are familiar with the apple, all metal body scrub process, the top has a shiny apple logo. Only one silver white optional. Ling Yao 3 of the details of the design is very good, no matter what kind of color will be the top of the LOGO and screen borders, the screen below the product logo into gold, looks more high-end sense. In the design, the metal shell of the notebook ASUS to bring the design direction of new gold, finally no longer just simply as the main body color, the golden color as a decorative more flavor. The million years of Apple design is indeed some outdated. Thickness: Ling Yao 3 thin friend to not even compared with the tablet computer, Ling Yao 3 the thickness of the thin also terrible, together with 18 mm MBP13, Ling Yao 3 more obvious advantages, its thickness is only 11.9 mm. If Apple MBP13 is slim, then the spirit of 3 can be said to be thin to the limit. Screen: the narrow border of the screen visual feeling better Ling Yao 3 using a narrow border of the screen design, screen border width is only 7.6 mm, screen accounting for up to 82%, even with a narrow border benchmark for XPS compared to 13 also have a small advantage, compared to Apple’s MBP13 only accounted for 70.9% of the screen, Ling the design of screen Yao 3 years ahead of apple. Ling Yao 3 uses a piece of 12.5 inches IPS screen, the screen resolution of the mainstream FHD level. Screen surface covering the fourth generation of Corelle gorilla glass, can effectively prevent scratches, wear, etc.. MBP13 uses a 13.3 inch Retina screen, screen resolution of 2560× 1600, PPI up to 227. From the point of view of the degree of fine screen, the higher the resolution of the advantages of MBP13 more clear.相关的主题文章: