Li Zhangzhu Hong Mingfu love to kill more to avoid relegation team will fight in the

Li Zhangzhu Hong Mingfu love to kill more to avoid relegation team will fight in a scrimmage Sunday, 2016 in the final round of the competition. In Guangzhou Hengda win ahead, Shijiazhuang, Yongchang AFC Champions League qualification to determine the basic lock in a relegation places, in the final round point is only the last relegation places the ownership situation. At present, including Changchun Yatai team relegation candidates (32 points), Hangzhou city (31 points), Liaoning Hongyun (33 points), Tianjin TEDA (33 points) 4 teams. The last round against the situation were Changchun Yatai VS Shanghai Shenhua, Hangzhou Greentown, Yanbian flight VS Liaoning Hongyun VS Jiangsu Suning, Chongqing Lifan VS Tianjin teda. Coincidentally, these 4 games involved a total of 8 teams, there are actually the coach of the team is the South Korean coach of the 5. Visible in the final round who avoid relegation, will have to see South Korea’s command. Li Zhangzhu Hong Mingfu was killed in love with relegation in 4 echelon team, Changchun Thailand and Hangzhou Greentown boss are Li Zhangzhu and Hong Mingfu, just two teams is relatively the most dangerous, two South Korean coach will also face "is not your cruel fate I downgrade downgrade. Relatively speaking, Li Zhangzhu coached the Changchun Yatai situation a little better, as long as the last round win over Shanghai Shenhua will avoid relegation success. Recently Changchun Yatai’s rebound momentum is very strong, has scored three game winning streak, they have a very cold northeast home court advantage. Li Zhangzhu also said the team currently has held the initiative, the final round will go all out to avoid relegation. Of course, if Changchun Yatai last round of losing, and Hangzhou beat Yanbian Greentown Fude, Changchun Yatai will be downgraded. If the final round after Changchun Thailand and Hangzhou Greentown are 32 points, the latter will be the outcome of the relationship between the dominant echelon. Many villagers may help the villagers team avoid relegation dogfight Li Zhangzhu and Hong Mingfu to avoid relegation, Pu Taixia, Zhang Wailong, three South Korean coach cuilong Zhu may also become the master of fate in the round, not even rule out the villagers "help" may. For example, Lifan coach Zhang Wailong, if the final round Lifan home court beat Tianjin TEDA, win in Hangzhou Greentown, Changchun Yatai, Liaoning Hongyun not to lose the case, Tianjin TEDA will downgrade. Cuilong Zhu also held Liaoning Hongyun fate, if not enemy Liaoning Hongyun Jiangsu Suning, in Hangzhou Greentown, Changchun Yatai win, Tianjin TEDA did not lose the case, Liaoning will downgrade. If cuilong Zhu and Zhang Wailong for fellow friendship, in the final round of fight opponents scored 3 points, Li Zhangzhu and Hong Mingfu successfully on the opponent to get 3 points. In Tianjin TEDA and Liaoning Hongyun situation with 33 points, for the reserve team Liaozu is far behind in the TEDA downgrade, South Korea’s will to work into the new season of 2017. The worst way to avoid relegation at Lifan Greentown but from the relegation situation, the worst is Hangzhou greentown. Once they lose the inevitable relegation, even if win, the other three teams avoid relegation all win, Hangzhou Greentown still can not escape relegation. If the final two or three teams with 34 points tied for second last, Hangzhou Greentown only for Tianjin TEDA Yan相关的主题文章: