Li Yi fight back to Jihai Sun entrepreneurship is difficult but can not do without the bottom

Li Yi Jihai Sun responded: entrepreneurship is difficult but not without the bottom line Tencent sports October 13th World Cup 12 round fourth, China team 0-2 defeat in Uzbekistan. Jihai Sun mistakes in the game for the ridicule of Dewey, and, and others, such as the start of a war of words, such as the war of words in the war of words, such as. Li Yi responded to micro-blog in the Jihai Sun: Entrepreneurship difficult, ah, can not do without the bottom line!"!" > > Jihai Sun Dewey: Click to view the spray to see him their own mistakes but also in the national team I think Li Yi (data plan) to refute Jihai Sun Jihai Sun criticism of Dewey and others, Li Yi hinted that he should have a tolerant heart, Jihai Sun accused Li Yi gonzalez. Two former players "tearing force" war is very lively, now Li Yi again responded, but words are more intense.. > > click to view the two football chiefs suspected the former striker continue to tear tear open Li Yi wrote in micro-blog: "I know that after retirement difficult start, so I chose to coach the industry (sometimes Cameo guest commentator). There are two reasons, one really loves football, playing with it almost half my life dealings, it is not put, the other has not ah, such as what to be a boss, not every anxious bald?" "The national team after 15 years lucky entered the final tournament, playing only four games facing elimination, especially home court beat Syria, playing away game Uzi is very bad, as the media and fans naturally difficult to satisfied, blame and criticism are reasonable, because we are still watching football China." "But, once as the sun, even if your national team in the most difficult and not to support them and support them to help, also should not laugh at them in public, because you are their elders, you also experienced 97 years of failure, there is no veteran accusing you. The name you insult." If you have a heart, or I have been good, you insult the national team or we are both practitioners and beneficiaries of China football, our national culture, we must know how to thanksgiving! When it comes to character? I can’t find a side of the national team players to push their products, while watching the ball, laughed at the gang members will not play, not for their own interests wearing their own brand of clothes in front of the camera, broke the news that the shelling! I can understand that entrepreneurship is difficult, but can not do without the bottom line!" > > click to see the football chiefs each tear upgrade! Hao Haidong: Jihai Sun broke the news that someone was going to jail相关的主题文章: