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Li Xiaobin and Yao Jinbo meet, teacher education + live "Taobao" – the Sohu technology + small table new media reporter Wang Yan editor Xi Xiangde abstract? Like Taobao, with the C2C mode do live products trading, by volume win? Settled teacher’s teaching quality and earnings, in order to enhance the teaching of products have been my brother Li Rubin, founder of the science education, alone founded in Shanghai day wood education, such a resume let Li Xiaobin venture financing road is very smooth. In 2014, brother Li Rubin from the education establishment exit treasure drive car, and Li Xiaobin is also out of online education venture of two traditional education industry, because of financing Li Rubin recommended Li Xiaobin to the home was to find suitable education project SIG, the two sides talked for more than an hour later, finalized a $ten million investment intention. Then the 58 city of Yao Jinbo with the vote. Li Xiaobin’s teacher was founded at the beginning of the positioning of the O2O education service platform, and then upgraded to educational knowledge trading platform, the main teacher label, while the way to live through the user to learn more efficiently. June 2015, the teacher completed the A round of $SIG million financing and 58 city Yao Jinbo A+ round of strategic investment. The teacher education founder Li Xiaobin products in the "Taobao" in the science education in recent years, Li Xiaobin had a smooth sailing". "Never thought about what the education industry in the future, I think this model is very good." In 2008, Li Xiaobin left his brother Li Rubin founded the science education, founded on the same day wood education, is the line of training, a year day wood education trading volume has exceeded three hundred million. In 2009, Li Xiaobin had done in one vigorous effort over the line of stores in Shanghai, but in the rapid development bottlenecks encountered. "At that time, the line training institutions homogeneity, rent, labor cost is high, almost all of the advertising burn, competition has intensified." Li Xiaobin felt frustrated for the first time. He began to think, according to the path of development is the end of the road, must be changed. "Training industry is the scenery on the surface, in fact, are not good. The traditional mode of training industry has not changed for more than ten years, the efficiency is not raising the cost is rising." In this case, Li Xiaobin judge industry changes should not be far away. 2012, Li Xiaobin chose to sell all of the low profitability of the store, the withdrawal of the doomed no winner battlefield. At that time, his brother Li Rubin founded the school of education has been listed on the NYSE, Li Xiaobin returned to Beijing from Shanghai resources and opportunities, looking for new opportunities. 2014 is known as the first year of O2O, a large number of game player that year started pouring in, Li Xiaobin see, to the intermediary platform operation mode by O2O, while reducing costs, will effectively solve the user to find teachers difficult and high cost problems, it will be a new opportunity of training institutions. At a dinner party, Li Xiaobin Li Rubin and Yao Jinbo put forward his own brother to do online education idea, originally only want to invest in an online education project of Li Xiaobin Yao Jinbo was fooled".相关的主题文章: