Li Keqiang made important instructions for the 2016 world Life Science Conference – Sohu news-gamelink

Li Keqiang made important instructions – Sohu news news for 2016 world Life Sciences Conference (News Network): in 2016 the world Life Sciences Conference held on the occasion, the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau Standing Committee, Premier Li Keqiang made important instructions. It is pointed out that life science is an important subject in twenty-first Century, which is related to human existence, health and sustainable development. The government is China further implementation of innovation driven development strategy to implement the "health China 2030" program, through scientific and technological innovation, a strong impetus to the rapid development of related industries and the field of life science, to improve people’s health and living standards, improve the quality of the environment is playing a more and more important and obvious effect. I hope Chinese scientists, entrepreneurs and their counterparts around the world together, life science, the theme of the conference, aimed at the life science major needs, to further strengthen exchanges and cooperation, learn from each other, with more scientific breakthroughs and innovation actively respond to common challenges to human survival and development, the formation of new productive forces, promote sustainable economic and social development in the world, create the future of the human being.相关的主题文章: