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Lexus electric car before the Internet car based on Xiaopeng Xiaopeng officially announced its first BETA version of car models Xiaopeng will be held today at 15:00 in Beijing officially released, the new car will be a pure electric vehicle SUV. "LOGO" "in the cart Xiaopeng car stage Xiaopeng vehicles pure electric SUV test car" electric vehicle car project Xiaopeng Xiaopeng was founded in 2014, as a member of the Internet repairer of the test car Xiaopeng car has released its first product, this test car using Lexus NX (ginseng, pictures, inquiry the shell and the interior part), but switched to the car LOGO and Xiaopeng console display. Disclose according to manufacturer, Xiaopeng automobile today the upcoming release of the BETA version, will be a full car close to the production version 90%. From the car trailer of view, from the basic BETA version Xiaopeng car Lexus NX design style, internal headlights group using X LED daytime driving lights like Xiaopeng car LOGO side view, the overall shape is more smooth, more exaggerated taillight design group, is also expected to use LED light source. According to the previously described founder summer honing, product features include the following keywords Xiaopeng car: cross-border SUV, intelligent interconnection, electric vehicles, one hundred kilometers acceleration 7-8 seconds, endurance 300 km, the price is about 100 thousand. The media also said, Xiaopeng car battery packet energy density reached 152Wh kg, and used the same 18650 Tesla battery, but higher than that of Tesla and general Bolt. In March this year, the car Xiaopeng announced the completion of A round of financing, investment and obtain a total of more than $100 million in loans, now this product will be formally unveiled, the other car Xiaopeng how, the Internet, the dynamic parameters of the driving system are expected to be officially released tonight, after 2 years of development, $100 million the car will highlight support, Xiaopeng give us a what kind of answer, we will wait and see.相关的主题文章: