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.puters-and-Technology Training and Academic learning is increasingly relying on technology for support in delivering knowledge and skills. As the trainees and students be.e well-informed through internet and other electronic tools, educators and trainers are getting more prone to use new approach to learning. In this economic era, however, .panies and schools are undertaking cost cutting activities over expenses and operational costs to safeguard their funds and savings, creative and cost effective solutions are required to facilitate teaching. A reasonably priced Learning Management System can help you achieve success. A Learning Management System is an application that helps the user to publish self-paced courses in online catalogs. A learners e learning process starts by logging into the LMS through a web browser, as he selects a course of his choice from the catalog available online. The learning management system helps you keep a record of the course related activities by the learner. The e learning courses that are available through learning management systems are capable of addressing and solving the problem faced by various schools. These hurdles could be anything such as lack of courses offered, shortage of teachers, lack of space, and the most popular problem, lack of funds. Moreover, e learning solutions offer an interactive way .munication that enables learners to learn quickly without any or very less guidance. With LMS employee training could be easily done without any overheads. Above all, LMS enables to build a knowledge base of any topic, field or industry. There are various characteristics of LMS that include: Display of scores and transcripts of learners. Management of courses, users, roles, instructors and generating the reports. Messaging and notifications by the learners. Making a course calendar. Grading the coursework and roster processing. Assessments that handle the pre and post testing of students. Web-based delivery of the study material. The Learning Management System aim at making e learning process a simple, better, faster and cheaper process without sacrificing the quality of process and using the modern technology. The LMS is used at various places such as colleges, schools, training centers, tuition classes, institutes, universities, corporate, hospitals, etc. LMS is beneficial to its users for the following reasons: The new and old employees can now easily be trained in a short duration of time. It provides immediate access to training. The delivery cost for each course is highly reduced. Training for new product is delivered on time. Maximum number of people can be trained at a time. It is cheaper as no one has to travel to the training institutes. The .anization gets more value for its investment in training program. The negative aspect of LMS is that breach of copyright and various other forms of fraudulence are expected to take place in online education. Some fraud providers cheat the users of LMS during online assessment, in online discussion forums, assignments, projects and other online as well as educational tools. The best approach to guarantee that students are engaged in studies is to create appealing study material. One can use multimedia to make study material more attractive and interesting. Lively course features like videos, audio material like podcasts, and other tools are simple ways to obtain and maintain learners’ attention and interest. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: