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Obama learned that the outgoing fans: "the day collapse" (Figure) – Sohu news President Obama will officially retire in January next year the president left the White House, but his hardcore fans say what is not promised. Recently, a small girl sad crying video was crazy forwarded on the social network Facebook, the video of a little black girl in that Obama will soon left office, began crying, call themselves "not ready to have a new president". On the social network Facebook, the little girl’s grandmother Kapp Lina? Harris uploaded the video, and wrote: "my granddaughter found our president Obama will no longer be our president! From the moment she was born, he has been the president of her life, and her birthday is August 4th (with Obama the same day)! My poor baby!" "Barack? Obama will go," video girl constantly wiping away tears said, "…… No…… I’m not ready, I’m not ready to have a new president." This video has been issued, received users crazy forwarding and praise, has been viewed more than 2 million 480 thousand times more than 3.6 times, harvest praise. Even Obama himself knew the news, the comfort the little girl in the video by the official account of the following comment: "Kapp Lina, tell her to wipe away tears, because I’m not going anywhere. After I left the White House, or as she is a citizen, (US) when she grows up, she and I can join in. At the same time, I will be waiting for her letter, and we can always celebrate our birthday!" This video also won the Obama forward Maria’s daughter, the fans love and support thanks. The 8 year, Democrat Obama in the White House hit "performance" has received a mixed reviews, but his "child edge" seems to have been very good.

得知奥巴马即将卸任 小粉丝:“天都塌了”(图)-搜狐新闻   美国总统奥巴马明年1月就要正式卸任总统离开白宫了,但他的铁杆小粉丝却说什么也不答应。   近日,一段小女孩伤心哭嚎的视频在社交网络Facebook上被疯狂转发,视频里的一个黑人小女孩在得知奥巴马不久就将卸任总统之后,开始撕心裂肺地哭喊,直呼自己“没准备好要有个新总统”。   在社交网络Facebook上,小女孩的祖母卡普丽娜?哈里斯上传了这段视频,并写道:“我的孙女发现我们的总统奥巴马就将不再是我们的总统了!从她出生起他就一直是她一生的总统,而且她的生日还是8月4日(和奥巴马同一天)!我可怜的宝贝!”   “贝拉克?奥巴马要走了,”视频中的小女孩不断抹着泪说,“不……不……我没准备好,我没准备好要有个新总统。”   这段视频一经发出,就收到了网友的疯狂转发和点赞,目前已被播放了超过248万次,收获3.6万余次赞。   甚至连奥巴马本人都知道了这个消息,其通过官方账号在该视频下面评论安慰小女孩:“卡普丽娜,告诉她让她擦干眼泪,因为我哪儿都不会去。我离开了白宫之后,还是和她一样是个(美国)公民,等她长大了,她也可以和我一起参与进来。同时,我会等着她的来信,而且我们永远可以一起庆祝我们的生日!”   这段视频还同时获得了奥巴马的女儿玛利亚的转发,对这名小粉丝的爱和支持表示感谢。   执政8年,民主党人奥巴马在白宫创下的“业绩”一直受到着褒贬不一的评价,但他的“孩子缘”却似乎一直都很不错。相关的主题文章: