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Last night at ten Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge officially closed "healing" at 10 last night, Ms. Li boarded the Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge closed at 10 Y26 road at the end of last night, the renovation of the Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge closed for a period of 27 months officially kicked off. The closure of the bridge in the night all the enclosed. Modern Express reporter learned that the maintenance of the first month is the start stage, cleaning and maintenance is the key of double arch bridge. Before the end of the year, will strive to carry out substantive bridge construction. Modern Express reporter Li Na Xu Cen Yang Feifei Hu Yumei Nanjing ZAKER closed a closed enclosure in the night before the start of overhaul, to minimize the influence of bridge closure on traffic and public life, Nanjing departments to do a lot of preparation. In particular, traffic grooming, through a comprehensive investigation, expert argumentation, public communication and other paths to develop a program. Ancillary services for the construction of the surrounding, such as water supply, power supply and on-site construction of residential arrangements, etc., to the basic preparations for yesterday. 10 last night, the official closure of the Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge renovation. The first thing to do is to build up the barrier overnight. The general enclosure is a white wall or advertising, Yangtze River bridge Wai is very distinctive. Guo Jian, deputy director of the Nanjing municipal public construction center, the general closed enclosure is a gate type, they do beautification on this basis, reflecting the cultural elements of the bridge. On both sides of the door is open for motor vehicle services. We do bridge cultural display panel, there are two doors on the edge of the enclosure. Enclosure materials, colors are different from the general enclosure, but with the overall landscape of the bridge, consistent with the style of simple and stable." Guo Jian introduction, the closure of the bridge will be fully enclosed overnight. 10 at night after the closure of the bridge, the material all approach. The erection is to take the factory prefabricated processing, on-site splicing method, faster." He said that after 6 this morning, the public will be able to see the new, rich cultural characteristics of the bridge enclosure. In addition, the bridge will be opened after the closure of traffic grooming work. The traffic control department will be in accordance with the work plan after the bridge is closed, arrange the police in place, a new stage of traffic environment change on the road into the track, analysis and control. On the one hand is to direct traffic diversion, after each node traffic clearance, but also to follow up in a timely manner. Y26 road bus passengers on the bridge, picked up the mobile phone for the bridge camera last night, Yangzi bus driver Bian Pengfei to his wife and children in the family portrait on the bridge and the bridge I for map with a shadow double arch bridge maintenance and cleaning today start today is to repair the bridge closed on the first day, what operation on the bridge? Guo Jian introduced last night, some machinery and equipment have been gradually entering, mainly to do measurement lofting today, pipeline investigation, exploration operations etc.. Before we on the bridge, the road on the road to determine the location of the work due to traffic reasons can not be officially launched, traffic closed, the measurement work can be completed. In particular, there are many pipelines on the bridge to visit, and the back of the bridge railings removed, to do the anatomy, the design and the actual situation of the site to verify, and gradually improve, so that the back into the stars相关的主题文章: