Lady Wang! This is funny source of black history again I will get

Lady Wang: This is funny! The source of black history mention I angry Sina entertainment news 27, in Changsha hot shot in our youth "open media goings". This movie is directed by Cheng Zhichao and Guo Jingming [micro-blog] producer, TFBOYS, Joker [micro-blog] [micro-blog], Li Xiaolu, Danson Tang, Zifeng Zhhang starring [micro-blog]. The same day, Wang Junkai [micro-blog] talk about their own in the drama of the women’s photos, bluntly began to compare the conflict, after all, is a man, and later feel pretty good. Wang source [micro-blog] funny "after the protest, not to mention the! This is a black history, who put me on fire!" Visit that day, the crew was filming a "Lolita catwalk contest" of the show, the crowd of game TFBOYS and female students have a lot of communication, Captain Wang Junkai said, do not worry about fans jealous, because this is the normal communication in school would have a." Wang Junkai: the beginning of conflict is a man after all, Wang Yuan: This is black history and then I will be angry! Not long ago, the only three in the play of women’s clothing once the exposure caused widespread concern. Wang Junkai, from the exposure of the micro-blog according to, the women’s dress is still very beautiful maid outfit, TFBOYS seconds change TFGIRLS. However, Wang Junkai said he began to have some resistance to women, after all, is a man, do not want to do modeling, and later found very good-looking." Wang Yuan also funny protest, "I feel good, but don’t mention it! This is a black history, who put me on fire!" Joker in the transformed TFBOYS sports teacher, but he also had other film and television works as a woman, he also like Wang Junkai said: "I am man in life, like three of them!" Wang Junkai: with the female classmates are not afraid of the normal fan Wang Yuan: I’m not jealous as black! Since the net play "super junior password", "our youth" is a TV series starring TFBOYS. This can not help but attract attention, as students only three, how to combine learning and filming? It is reported that three will only call it a day after the tutorial, the different grade, three people each time is different, so each have their own tutor. At present the high school Wang Junkai said, the group first entered the first few weeks after work time is relatively abundant, they will follow the teacher tutorial. But now sometimes evening nine, ten in the morning, you will direct the rest, "if it is six or seven in the morning, I’ll be back in two hours after school." From a "Lolita catwalk contest" day shooting scenes in the play, and only three female students have a lot of communication, will inevitably be asked about the fans to be jealous? Wang Junkai said, and will not, because it is a normal communication, the school will have." Captain Wang Junkai also said that after ten days is the king of the source birthday, he will take a photograph into squares of micro-blog for his birthday, "there are plenty of black light." However, the source side does not agree: "I do not have black!" Li Xiaolu: who came to visit Zhang Zi) sweet hope相关的主题文章: