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Fashion-Style Monsoon is the time to go .pletely casual. It is the time to neatly fold and keep away all those formal outfits and gorgeous Party Wear outfits. The outfits to be pulled out are those trendy and funky Casual Wear outfits that you have never dared to bring out for the whole year. Monsoons are not the time to look elegant, classy or sophisticated; rather, it is the time to focus more on vibrancy and vivacity. Casual Wear outfits that are bright and vibrant, but not annoyingly loud and gaudy, seem perfect for this season. Since .muting during the rainy season be.es a big problem, the outfits worn should be at least .fortable and convenient. When it .es to Indian Clothing, Sarees should be avoided as much as possible since it be.es a great hassle to manage and move around .fortably in a Saree during monsoons. The ideal outfits for monsoons are Churidars, leggings, rolled up jeans etc since they prove to be extremely .fortable to walk and move around in. And as they are paired with Kurtis, ethnic Indian Kurtis be.e a wardrobe staple during monsoons. Bright and vibrant Kurtis in lightweight fabrics such as light silks, chiffon, ge.ette etc are not only ideal for monsoons but also look trendy and attractive. While long knee-length Kurtis look great when teamed with Churidars, pencil Churidars or leggings, shorter Kurtis suit best jeans which can be rolled up for convenience. Apart from the plain casual Kurtis in bold and dark colors, printed Kurtis are ideal for this wet season as they can be washed and dried easily. Alternatively, sparsely or moderately embroidered and embellished Designer Kurtis would also be suitable. But, it is best to steer clear of heavily embroidered or embellished Designer Kurtis as the rain water might spoil or harm the workmanship to some extent. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: