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Kunming people eat grass to eat fruit plant flowers experience "tongue on plant diversity" – Beijing, Beijing, September 17 Kunming Xinhua (reporter Ma Qian) "Schisandra tasted" frowned, it had never seen "August melon" thumbs, broke the "milk slurry" will see white "milk" out…… The 17 day, although the heavy rain, 8 year old Zhang Xinyue and Wang Zixin under the leadership of their parents, similar to the Kunming Plant Research Institute Chinese, experience the unique charm to bring a "tongue on plant diversity". On the same day, funded by the nineteenth International Botanical Congress organized by the organizing committee, samples of the Kunming Institute of plant research China Museum, Botanical Society of Yunnan Province, the nineteenth session of the international botanical plant Kunming branch, to "plant diversity and human diet culture" as the theme, carry out a series of activities. Figure for the kids to experience the plant diversity of the unique charm of Liu Ranyang photo "plant diversity is closely linked with human beings, even deeply affects the development process of human civilization and human culture, and shape people’s lives in various regions of the food culture style to a great extent." Kunming Institute of Botany, the researchers launched a fa Zhi Shangguan entitled "plant diversity and human diet culture lectures. In his lecture, weekdays with plants are not familiar with or have become "dishes", a vivid picture to stimulate our taste buds. FA Zhi Shangguan in Yunnan, said the rich diversity of natural ecosystems and species diversity, also created a unique food culture. In different areas of Yunnan, due to the huge differences in the natural environment, the growth of edible plants can be described as varied, and thus derived from the unique and interesting food culture. This kind of diet culture is closely related to the local plant, and is closely connected with the local life and folk culture. In the "food culture interaction between plant diversity and human salon, many interesting botany teacher and the size of a friend interaction site, talk with a variety of interesting stories related to plants and plant culture, and provide nearly hundred of presents and closely related to plant vegetation, plant science knowledge through panels. After the feast, the citizens will usher in a real treat time. Organizers prepared more than 60 kinds of plants and plant characteristics of food for the public to feel and understand the scene, do not feel the same plant culture. The price of gold than making curry saffron, turmeric, the ancient Egyptian civilization the delicacy of chickpeas, Yunnan delicacy culture representative plants of all kinds of wild fruit and wild herbs spices, tea, yellow tea, Black Tea, Green Tea, white tea tea, as well as the various parts of the world and vanilla tea herbal tea and so on are moved on to the table, people bring wonderful experience a "tongue on plant diversity". For the public to experience the "tongue on plant diversity" Liu Ranyang photo "" chowhound "and" chowhound ‘are really different!" After leading the children experience, the public Li Xingyu can not help but sigh. He said that he was born in the countryside, when he was able to know a lot of surrounding plants, are also familiar with what plants can eat, what plants相关的主题文章: