Korean media comment S6 first week of the best five group Uzi and Mata deserved win7codecs

Korean media on the first week of the best S6 Uzi five group and Mata INVEN were being fully deserve bursting in the first week, fully play their role, to give people the impression of the five players unforgettable scenes. 2016 world’s strongest players gathered in the United states. In this big stage, even by tens of thousands of spectators watching and full of burden, there are eye-catching performance in the game, the full play of the players. INVEN was selected in the first week of feeling overwhelmed, fully play their role, to give people the impression of the five players unforgettable scenes. Now is the era of big Kennan SMEB Kennan came back to the final selection of the fans in the Korean game impressed by Kennan, S6 in the game has become a mainstream hero. Use Kennan’s team and single concern, although Jess, and Bobbi Rambo such heroes often debut, but in war time can make fans feel anxious hero Steven Kennan. SMEB, who has made a big impression on Kennan since 2015, started using Kennan again. While SMEB ‘treasure’ Kennan’s big move, seize the opportunity to let the other side maximum damage under Kennan brings smooth and clean, can play a "million volt power, can also create opportunities for friendly retreat. In the line, no matter what the other party to choose what kind of hero will not be pinned down, give full play to their role in Peccatte P Peccatte Chu. Although the SSG Cuvee is also flexible use of Kennan and Rambo, but in the game with RNG, was suppressed by looper. In the game with TSM is also at the beginning of a disadvantage. But SMEB is not the same, from the line to the team but in the game with CLG, in the face of fierce offensive in the early time, the whole team is not stable, SMEB still plays his role, with Bobbi the tank in order to make compression, the chance to. Although ROX lost the game with CLG, but SMEB in the line and the war are full of their own strength. Ikoo: from the United States practice back Svenskeren Li Qing in the S6 in the bright spots of junglers is non Li qing. In the domestic league, compared to Lake South – female leopard spider, Li Qing is not popular, but on the world stage, but became T1 jungler. From the beginning there is an advantage in the war shouting ‘ikoo’ to make the war is full of variables, when you feel Li Qing behind you, it is too late. Accurate judgment, extraordinary reaction speed, Li Qing on the stage. In the MSI, RNG ‘MLXG’ show a very strong Li Qing, "SKT killer" lightning wolf Karsa, INTZ and Revolta are flexible user Li Qing. TSM Svenskeren is one of them, and in the battle against RNG, relying on the fierce gank dominate the situation in the early stages, although lost to RNG, but in the game with SSG, Svens.相关的主题文章: