Julie Pitt for divorce, their marriage has been bad mouthing-bleep

Peter Julie filed for divorce, their marriage has been bad mouthing [Abstract] Julie and Peter two times as Yang Mi Hawick Lau mouthing ah! Eight I know miss you, is the most understand the female children’s entertainment! Little attention to the understanding of WeChat entdong get more gossip information. The biggest news yesterday evening, Angelina · and Brad · Julie; Peter was filed for divorce, ending their 12 years of feelings. Two of them have 6 children, and up to $450 million (about 3 billion yuan) of net worth, after the divorce, how to assign these assets, has become the most popular topic of concern. But for the two people divorce, Western attitudes of users are consistent, that is, they have resorted to Aniston. It is for Julie and Peter Jennifer · Aniston divorce, even in the past 12 years, even though Aniston has been promoted said to forgive Julie in 2014, a lot of friends for a pair of star couple is always not good, bad mouthing the sound of their divorce, also has not stopped. Looking at the domestic entertainment, can also get such a high degree of concern on the issue of divorce, and countless people sing bad, probably only Yang Mi and Hawick Lau. As Yang Mi divorce news menstrual tie the same, after the marriage of Julie and Pitt, a variety of suspected they broke up, divorce reports have never been interrupted. But Yang Mi and the marriage on the streets because of various folk broke being broke, Julie and Brad Pitt’s marriage, there have been a variety of kiss and tell update reports, always mouthing. In 2007, Peter and Julie traced emotional cracks, said Julie is one of the important reasons for Pete’s demanding is their emotional crisis. In August 2007, two people even broke the news of the agreement, saying that the two together, just for children". For the kids, it is equipped with the family drama, but the bad mouthing, eventually with Peter Julie’s news announcing the end of class. April 2009, there are two weekly news broke into the freezing point, the agreement temporarily separated. It is said that Julie is only responsible for the cause was traced to the adoption but whether the children in single parent, making Pitt state for a long time, do not want to waste time on the cohabitation not birthright, so Peter said marriage is over. In 2010, the British media announced that Brad Pitt and Julie officially broke up, but when two people are not married by the outgoing version is that lawyers have began to intervene in two broke up the case, Julie can take two people at least 25% of assets. But this time the breakup rumors also settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. In April 2012, Julie and Pete announced their engagement, but still did not stop the "bad mouthing" two steps, then the media exposed two people have signed the prenuptial agreement. From the beginning of 14, do not pass the media broke up with the two, and finally progress – began to pass the two divorce. In January this year, Julie and Pete has been traced to a year of separation, Peter was traced to love others in February June two, and traced divorce rumors, today was finally determined. Interesting.相关的主题文章: