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Johnson third times for cancer was sentenced to a huge indemnity this powder amount to 470 million third times for cancer was sentenced to a huge indemnity powder Johnson said will start the appeals process after each intern reporter Xiang Yimei recently, the medical and health care products companies and giant Johnson because of carcinogenic problems brought to the powder of public opinion in the teeth of the storm. In October 28th, the U.S. Circuit Court of Missouri in Saint Louis, the jury ruled that Johnson must be to a company for the use of the talc powder and the female cancer victims compensation $70 million (about 470 million yuan). This is the third time this year because of Johnson baby powder carcinogen problem was sentenced to pay a huge indemnity. In October 30th, Johnson responded to the "daily economic news" reporter, said Johnson will start on the jury ruled that the appeal process, "because science tells us that Johnson baby powder is safe." Was sentenced to compensation of $70 million according to The Associated Press, the woman to the Johnson company claims, because of long time use the talc children prickly heat powder, in 2012 she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. October 28th, the United States, Missouri, Saint Louis circuit court jury ruled that Johnson must compensate for its $70 million (about 470 million yuan). Cosmetics R & D Engineer Yu to the "daily economic news" reporter, talcum white, smooth, soft pink color, insoluble in water, acid, alkali solution and various organic solvents, its ductility is the best powder, but its oil absorption and poor adhesion. Talcum powder reacts on the skin without making powder cosmetics, is the indispensable raw material. However, some Natural talc may have asbestos and asbestos mineral paragenesis, has been internationally recognized as a carcinogen, therefore various countries and regions of talc powder as raw materials of cosmetics used, will require strict control of the asbestos residue. Technical specification of China "cosmetic safety" (2015 Edition) mentioned, talcum powder Chinese name for hydrated magnesium silicate, suitable for powder products in children under the age of 3 to use the label must be marked using the conditions and precautions for the powder should be kept away from children’s nose and mouth, and asbestos was not detected. Although there is no sufficient evidence of talc with ovarian cancer, but on the Johnson baby powder incident, caused people to have concerns about the safety of talcum powder. The Johnson side said, in fact, in September 2016, the United States in New Jersey two similar lawsuits have been dismissed by the judge. Because the plaintiff’s medical experts failed to provide evidence sufficient to prove that Johnson baby powder causes ovarian cancer. The "daily economic news" reporter saw in the Tmall supermarket, in addition to Johnson, the Frog Prince loved natural · baby powder 80g (Refill) bags, Pigeon 140g boxed aloe essence baby powder contain talc powder composition. However, the Frog Prince and Pigeon also launched talc free powder. In addition, there are no talc under the concept of talcum powder, such as good children, baby crocodiles and small raccoons have launched on corn starch相关的主题文章: