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Jingdong: Double eleven 12 transactions rose 78% for the first time more UAV delivery UAV is ready to take off the Jingdong Sina Francisco November 11th afternoon, the Jingdong group today announced the double 11 battlefield, at 12 of the transaction volume and area ranking, were published best-selling category. The following is the Jingdong group released the double 11 broadcast: half day trading volume grew by 78% super sales to become the main force of 12:00 as of November 11th, Jingdong mall turnover grew 78%. From the mobile terminal (including Jingdong mobile client, Jingdong WeChat shopping and Jingdong mobile QQ shopping, etc.), the amount of a single volume of rapid growth, the proportion of orders accounted for 85%. As of 12 points, the order of the geographical order are: Guangdong, Beijing, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Sichuan. As of November 11th 12:00, Jingdong sales Top5 categories: mobile phones, flat screen TVs, washing machines, air conditioners, refrigerators. Mobile phone sales within 2 hours that reached the same period last year, the color TV sales of only 30 minutes on more than 250 thousand units, with an average of $more than 8 thousand per minute to sell. GREE air conditioning sales grew by nearly 500%, refrigerators and washing machines in the second half of last year’s sales of more than 2 times the same period, washing machines for half an hour sales of nearly 100 thousand units. 0:00-12:00 Jingdong accumulated orders Top5 category: mobile phone, flat screen TV, baby diapers, wipes, paper products, washing machine. The imported diaper sales highlights, Kao Japan imported diapers sold 5 times last year at the same time; 10 times Unitya imported diaper sales over the same period last year. Vinda super tough four pack roll paper roll for sale within 10 minutes of 350 thousand volumes. The Jingdong also analyzes this year 11 report: international brand popularity day. In the 3C category, Apple still in the cumulative sales charts. Only half an hour, Dyson high-end vacuum cleaner sales exceeded 10000 units. Unitya, Kao, good children, curiosity, Wyeth, Mead Johnson will occupy the supermarket brand sales list TOP Jingdong. Global purchase of Australian Swisse health care products, 4 hours to sell more than 40 thousand pieces. In the clothing Home Furnishing, international brand performance more brisk, 11 on the 11 day, Italy senior ladies stockings Levante (Li Huazhi) 10 minutes sales exceeded 1440; sales of Zippo fire oil within 1 hours of a total of more than 2 tons; as of 9, star of a single product 1998 yuan Zwilling (Zwilling 30cm coverall pot wok 12 piece luxury Upgrade Kit) sales exceeded one million; at 10, the mattress brand jinke’er synchronous sales growth of 350% last year; as of 9, ASICS sales of high-end performance shoes 3 times last year’s double 11. Explosive A new force suddenly rises. Small appliances, pioneer heating appliances 5 minutes to sell more than 20 thousand units. In double 11 crazy for 4 hours, the mother in the category of Heinz sweet corn mud sold on average every second of the tank can be sold in the United States and the United States in the category of leaf sales last year, an increase of double the double last year, 35 times on the line has been reached last year, the entire 1 hours of 1相关的主题文章: