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Jin Sha said he went to South Korea to do a single eyelid actually hit the face of half an entertainment circle on the micro-blog hot search, because she said he went to South Korea to do a single eyelid". With a hint of self exposure from the black, so that her comments immediately burst. This girl is really quick, in October 20th when micro-blog is a large double fold eyelid! Click on the picture to see today, the eyelids are really very simple, but the change is more than just eyelids? This face where there is still the slightest Sweet Princess shadow! Jin Sha admitted to the Korean cosmetic eyelid variable single eyelids in our memory of Jin Sha has a lovely round face, charming singing sweet, sweet smile, but now this big long awl face is how is it? There are bulging Apple muscle, more than 16 year old girl is full, but Wuli Jin Sha officially released the year of birth is 1983, aged 33. To review Jin Sha’s previous looks. The former Jin Sha jaw width, side face and face can see jaw has an obvious radian. The radian from her childhood to the teenage period to the later debut, has been there, but then mysteriously disappeared. Childhood is such: adolescent debut soon angle and now look at Jin Sha’s face looks now very. In addition to the sharp chin, apple muscle, single eyelids, she quietly changed lips. Before her lips are thin, belongs to the cherry small mouth, now obviously lower lip plump many. In contrast, in recent years, Jin Sha’s photos, this accidentally hit the face of a half entertainment! Hope, once that everyone can have Lanfeilin again, not by the time of the flood rushed changed. Qiazhiyisuan, found that the singer is really quite a love face group. Not only Jin Sha, Shang Wenjie, Wang Rong, Cyndi Wang’s face evolution is also quite exciting. First said Shang Wenjie. A few days ago her live scared silly people know her face has been changed, but really did not think now turned into a snake boy Liu Zichen. To feel the process of change that cannot be described. There are still changes in the debut…… Wang Rongchu debut is not a beauty card, but the whole face looks cheerful stretch, coupled with her witty works and singing style, is lovable. Later, everything changed, and this change is not the make-up and dressing change can lead to. This was the way it was before…… The change of Cyndi Wang’s. She is not a beautiful girl, can only say that the very next door is daily, had a "sweetheart guru" this hat is somewhat reluctantly. But now, most of the news about her is not a new song, but her face is stiff or broken. Not long ago, a group of photos to participate in activities like Wowkie Zhang and like Venus, is really a loss. Now micro plastic and even move the knife has been regarded as an ordinary thing, it seems that the attitude of artists is also changing. Since Jin Sha openly said to their eyes, or one day she will share on the chin?相关的主题文章: