Jiangxi power plant accident investigation a day before the collapse of the security inspection reco tsumori chisato

Jiangxi power plant accident investigation: a day before the collapse of the security inspection records 25, Jiangxi Fengcheng power plant, the warning signs outside the cooling tower. JINGWAH Times reporter Pan Zhiwang photo original title: Supreme Procuratorate send personnel involved in the investigation of 11· in Jiangxi Fengcheng power plant "; 24" accident rescue headquarters said, as of 25 at about 11:30, the accident scene cleared the search ended, accident treatment has been the focus to the cause of the accident investigation and rehabilitation. The 25 day, the Supreme Procuratorate revealed that the accident occurred the day had been sent to the scene, together with the Jiangxi Province three prosecutors involved in the accident investigation. The police control 13 project personnel 25, 1 pm, the reporter saw at the scene of the accident, diameter of 125 meters, 70 meters high in the construction of cooling tower crane, construction of Pingqiao collapsed on the ground, twisted steel stack mixed together scattered on the ground, with workers falling hard hats and clothes, a scene mess. Reporters learned from the accident rescue headquarters, the same morning, armed police officers and soldiers once again on the Jiangxi Fengcheng power plant accident scene three a comprehensive clean-up search. As of the morning of 11 05, clean up the site search ended, the scene of the accident has not found the remains of the victims. The focus of the accident treatment has been fully transferred to the cause of the accident investigation and rehabilitation. Involved the construction side Hebei billion smoke tower engineering Co. Ltd. has been ordered to be all in the construction project immediately shut down to rectify. It is understood that the public security departments have been controlled 13 Fengcheng power plant cooling tower project related personnel, the cause of the accident investigation team was formally established on the 26 or three. Currently, more than 30 families of the victims of nearly 200 people have arrived in Fengcheng. Zhangshu City Gaoan, Fengcheng city and adjacent to vacate a number of hotel reception families, hotels are arranged for medical assistance, psychological counseling and other staff. The accident rescue headquarters has clear docking program, on each to the local aftermath of the relatives of the victims, with at least 4 staff, help the accident claims and remains unclaimed, life care, psychological counseling. Local bodies of the victims were placed in the funeral home for cosmetic surgery. The UAV aerial wreckage for investigation at 3:30 yesterday afternoon, the State Administration of work safety personnel rushed to Fengcheng major accident scene. Project headquarters hospital expansion project construction site in the northeast corner of the three unit of Fengcheng power plant in Jiangxi, more than wearing a red suit, wearing a helmet and rescue personnel are operating UAVs on the No. 7 cooling tower for aerial work. The scene of a construction site technical staff said that the aerial view of shooting, mainly to determine the construction area in the construction of cooling tower and the bottom of the falling debris distribution, while the inner wall of the tower of smoke could be seen from more angles, for the cause of the accident investigation work to collect field data. Site, engineering contractor staff to the relevant leaders, said there have been some falling debris was cleared in the rescue work, while the remaining wreckage remained the original fall. The State Administration of work safety related to the leadership that should maximize the protection of the scene in the original premise to exclude security risks under the wreckage has not been cleared temporarily not to clean up and move to first-hand investigation retained the following accidents. Avenue相关的主题文章: