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Japan will discuss the Tojo E shrine Worship class a war criminals data figure: Japanese right-wing molecular remnants of the original title: Japan will discuss the worship of Tojo E shrine Yasukuni Shrine in 1978 Japanese Class-A war criminals enshrined a class a war criminals, by China in protest. In Japan, some people criticize this worship war criminals and require separate worship practices. Japan’s Kyodo News reported on 14 September, the Japan Fukuoka County Federation proposal will start discussions about the central headquarters for worship at the shrine of Tojo E 14 class a war criminals sub worship problem to the survivors, the proposal was approved. Japan bereaved will Kyushu and Okinawa regional conference held in Naha city in japan. The chairman, former LDP Secretary General Koga Cheng on the proposal that said, "(enshrined Class-A war criminals), the emperor stopped to visit the Yasukuni Shrine", "to make (Shrine) become a respected national symbol of peace, we should take the lead in action of the will". About 50 of the 8 counties of Kyushu and Okinawa cadres attended the meeting area. According to the participants said that the Federation of Miyazaki Prefecture in Fukuoka County of the Federation’s proposal represents a positive approval.相关的主题文章: