Is The Mrs 2000 Or Pulsed Electromag.ic Fields (pemf) More Important Than Water-avbox

Health If you are not familiar with the MRS 2000 or pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy, you may laugh in disbelief at the title of the article. And you have every right to be skeptical, but don’t go just yet. There is a fascinating tale to be told that validates my claim. On 12 April 1961, Yuri Gagarin became the first human to travel into space staying in orbit for around 1 hour and 48 minutes. He is a cult hero in Russia and known at least as well as Neil Armstrong is in America. But the secret story never told is how this short 2 hour journey into space nearly crippled his body. .ing back from space and setting foot on earth, Yuri was weak, depressed, have bone loss and a diminished metabolism. You may be surprised to know that the reason for this was not a lack of gravity or oxygen but something else unknown to human health and wellness. Besides the static field, there are actually naturally occuring pulsed magnetic fields in nature that are the result of lightning strikes (millions per day) all around the planet. These strikes resonate in the earths ionsphere creating a pulsed magnetic frequency of around 7.83 hertz (called the Schumann Frequency) with higher harmonics of 14.2 and a few higher, but the predominate frequency is 7.83 hertz. So the cosmonauts in space would neither get the static magnetic field or the pulsed magnetic field when removed out into space. Today, not only do people not exercise enough but we are bombarded by UNHEALTHY pulsed magnetic fields form cellphones, cellphone towers, high power lines, micowaves, x-rays, .puters, hair dryers, etc. These unhealthy fields over-stimulate and agitate our system even to the point of causing disease because the frequencies are so much higher than nature provides (7.83, 14.2 hertz, etc). For example, in some countries, fibromyalgia translates into mag.ic deficiency syndrome. The solution to this problem is mag.ic resonance stimulation or the MRS 2000 which gives you in just eight minutes, twice daily, a concentrated dose of earth-based pulsed mag.ic fields. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: